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I'm not sure who oversees the results published on the SSCC web site, but we recently found an inconsistency in 1998 data.

Team Pantera Racing has a member working on consolidating data on all Pantera drivers/entries back to the beginning.  When she got to 1998, she found an oddity.

On the archived TPR web site, results were recorded by the then-current web master Curt Toumanian, who also took first place in his class that year.  Those results are published here:


This also shows that our good buddy Mad Dog didn't start the race because Kelly Sievers crashed on course and the remaining unlimited and Super Sports didn't run.

However, on this page from SSCC, it shows Dennis with a trap speed of 167.1 (and Kelley Sievers as DNF):

But on this next SSCC page, there is nothing listed as class winners for the unlimited and all Super Sport entries:

That would support the idea that the rest of Super Sport didn't run.  Now, take a detour and on that same page the class winner for the 130 class is listed as Lou Young and Tom King, BUT on the actual results page for that class, Mike Anderson in a Pantera is the class winner:

And I'm pretty sure Mike took home the trophy unless he was a DQ, and he's who we list as the class winner on the TPR page.  So this begs a few questions:

  • Did Mad Dog actually run
  • How did he get a radar speed of 167.1 if he was a DNS due to the Kelley Sievers crash
  • Was Mike Anderson the real class winner, or was Lou Young in the 130 class


As you might expect, we are terribly curious.  We'd like to make sure our Team Pantera Racing coffee table book is accurate.

Asa  Jay

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Asa Jay - Wow. This one may be a bit tough to reconcile quickly, especially since it will likely involve jogging a lot of brains that may have forgotten more than most of us nowadays actually know.

As this happened a good 10 years before my debut into the sport, I'm going to have to ask for veteran help and see what we can come up with.

Any chance anyone still has a print out of official (or unofficial) results from the 1998 SSCC event banquet sitting in a file folder somewhere? Anyone?

Stay tuned to see who chimes in ...

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