Pictures or videos from 2016 SSCC?


Congratulations to you and Nigel !! Winning the 100 MPH division. I didn't get any photos of your BMW. I'll ask Zach if he got any.

Speaking of photos, I have not received the one from the event photographer. Does anyone have his contact info? Thanks.

Thanks Rick!  You did really well yourselves.  Only .015 mph off of first!

Nigel and I or rethinking our participation next year and are leaning towards being there.  Hope to see see then.

I'm not even sure who the official photog was.  Maybe an email to Bunny would get you in contact?

sorry Chris  last slow class vid I took was of the 110 class with the Flat 12 car the GTR and now have lost the vid of Dave in the cup car. I am working on finding someone that is a bit more computer competent to down load what I have on my phone to you tube.


I know I can get the photos and videos off your phone, but I'd have to have access to it.

The best I can do to help is recommend what I believe you need to do:

- Obtain a micro-SD card that should fit to a card slot on your phone

- There is a setting in your phone that should allow you to "move" all phone content to the SD card.

- Once moved to the SD card, take it out of the phone and put it into a computer

- Use a file manager to "copy" the content from the phone to your computer.

- After the copy, you can put the SD card -back- into the phone and move the content from the card to the phone, which will essentially preserve it all the way it was.

Then you can distribute as necessary or upload to Youtube easier from your computer instead of your phone.

This is how I've done it with my wife's old phone.  It's a pain in the rear, but it works.

Asa  Jay

Hi all... not sure if you still need this info or not. I had big issues with them last year trying to get my posters. Bunny is aware of the issues for sure. The owners name and info:


Dallas Lewis



Took me many, many attempts to get my posters sent. He does good work, just terrible customer service.







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