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Eazzzy Dawg man, you know as we get old it starts with the reflexes then the eyesight, then comprehension and lastly the grey matter.

So when you consider Weeksie, he shouldn't have been able to turn the wheel and work the pedals at the same time, see where the **** he was going, comprehend what the heck was going on and lastly be able to remember it.

If you and I and a bunch of others can even come close to wheelin anything more than a rocking chair when we're as old as Weeksie it will be a friggin miracle.

Let him have his time in the light, I know you are just messin' with him.

Doesn't help that you and others keep calling him "Dad".

Mostly I love the way he comes up and gives you **** about whatever it is that is on his mind but at the same time he is so senstive about chewing you out....

I can still hear him quietly saying....

"Do this for me okay?"......

He's the dad most of us always wanted but never had! Razzer :cheers:

yea, I love the old goat! Roll Eyes

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