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Yup, you missed a great one. Everyone just seemed to have a blast and that was most important and there were no accidents which speaks highly of all the drivers.
Todd Carpenter had the save of the day bringing his car down successfully from a right front tire failure at about 218mph and stopping safely after 1.2 miles. Jerry Mall of K&N won the overall UNL class with an average speed of 171.271 and had a trap speed of 197mph. There was loads of fun from the trike races to the other social events and everything in between. Team Porsche took the overall team win again followed by the Corvette guys from NE and the Invaders team was 3rd out of the 9 teams. Final results should be published shortly.
As always alot of great people worked together to put on another great time for all.
As always we look for things to improve what we do and take your input seriously. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact me privately at 702-400-8511 or by e-mail at
It was GREAT to see everyone and we are already looking forward to our NE trip in August for the Sandhills event and the two SSCC events for speedweek in September.
A BLAST is right!
The trike races were the best. Nothing like seeing grown men reliving thier childhood dreams. I bet if we all had the ablility to (as kids) have a tow truck, and the hills that are in Ely; we would have all probably never made it to adulthood.
Cheers to the ''kid'', and good luck on healing your wounds Gary.
Thanks also to the Sheriff department, for letting us have a good time.
The trike races were as competitive at times as the race itself.
Funny as hell

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