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Quick, NORC updates...

SA2010 Helmets will be allowed for NORC.
Racers will need to buckle into harnesses during tech to demonstrate fit and operation.
Check Point Challenge is on for NORC!

If you are signed up for NORC, you can get a 25% discount next Thursday, 5/13, at SpeedVegas! Come out early Thursday morning, meet the Rookies and have some fun.

Will give an update on fuel Saturday.

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"Racers will need to buckle into harnesses during tech to demonstrate fit and operation."

I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support this position by the Tech team.  As one who has performed your final "cabin check" duties multiple times, there are too many racers who show up at the Shootout or the Sunday Grid who are using harnesses for the first time, and/or have no understanding of their proper installation and use.  This goes double for Arm Restraints and Helmet Restraints.  No matter whether you attach your Arm Restraint above or below the elbow, they MUST be short enough to keep your arms from flying out the window and getting crushed during a rollover.  Head Restraints that are so loose they do not limit head movement at all are similarly useless.  Racers must demonstrate proper fit of all of these items at Tech so they don't get pulled out of line at final Cabin Check.  Repeat:  If you aren't adjusted correctly at final Cabin Check, if we can't help you quickly (we will try), we will pull you out of line.  If you are new to this, begin now as you prep your car to ensure your adjustments are correct.  If you have questions, ASK.  I will happily answer questions on this forum and at the event, as will any Tech team member.

To all Co-Drivers:  ASAP after you stop at the turnaround, RE-ADJUST your belts for changing seats.  Do NOT wait until after you go off to Ash Springs.  If the size difference between Co-Drivers is significant, the shoulder and lap belts (don't forget the crotch strap(s), too!) may not adjust without lengthening or shortening them at their attachment point, and that takes time.  I will hit this again at the Driver's Meeting, but please don't embarrass yourself by being pulled out of line for not doing this.

Mike Borders

SSCC Liaison, Las Vegas Corvette Club

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