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Greetings Fred and All,

As I mentioned at the Awards Banquet, SSCC used a new administrative application for this event. It worked very well but has a few bugs to work out including integration with Timing & Scoring. However, we should have the results posted in a day or so.

It seems there is also a bit of confusion around Basic Timing vs the "True Hand Timing Award". To review, Basic Timing is what you indicate on your registration form attesting you're not using a phone or phone app or rally computer or purpose built computer, or any other advanced timing method. The "True Hand Timer" award is a side thing that Steve Mott suggested a few races back to recognize those that don't use, or even have, anything beyond stopwatches and notes. You have to manually sign up with me to compete for that award.

Methods that would be okay for Basic Timing are not okay for "True Hand Timing". An unfortunate example is The Legend, Charlie Friend. I know Charlie is a True Hand Timer but his Cadillac has a trip computer. So he can't compete for the True Hand Timer's award. For that matter, Deana and I are hand timers, but the C55 has a trip computer, so I too cannot compete for the award as well. (the RX-7 is a different story)

All that said, Helen Landis did indeed win the True Hand Timers garage clock. The Basic Timing winners are posted below and should be on the website soon.

Thank you all for coming out and supporting the event. For me personally, it was simply awesome seeing you. The Board and I look forward to seeing you in September as well!

Warm regards,


(UPDATED: Missed the 130 class in results)

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Good things come to those who wait.  When I am not driving a Dodge Challenger at high speeds, I work as a IT Systems Administrator.  Bringing a new piece of software onboard is almost never without its teething pains.  From what Blue has said, the issues with this software are minor and the SSCC staff will beat it into submission fairly quickly.

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