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Isn't it time to start the NORC Preparations thread? Doesn't Mad Dawg usually do this? Oh, yeah, Dennis went to the Mid-East. Isn't that where they're now having all kinds of unrest and revolutions? I don't know about you, but I can't help but feel the two are related.

But back on topic... who's doing what to get ready? I made my motel reservations, what else is required? I know that Steve and Melanie are putting some miles on their new car to get ready - we're looking forward to seeing them in Danville in a couple of days. I guess Steve doesn't get enough travel time Roll Eyes

The NSX has a new clutch and some new tires for May. And, yes, I'll be using different tires for Mexico in April, so the Michelin PS2s should be in pristine condition to impress Eric with their (Y) ratings!

Another clue on my perennial fuel pump noise problem: the alternator had some anodizing on its mounting flange that, when scraped off, made for a better ground and comcomitant higher voltage for the fuel pump, especially in hot weather. I'll try it out in Chihuahua (and I now have a spare pump just in case).

So, okay, who's ready to go and who's still wrenching (or polishing in the case of JimmyMack Razzer )?


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As Tom noted we'll be putting 1000+ miles on the new Z so it's properly broken in before May (and visiting Tom, Val and Jimmy Mack). In addition the kind folks at Stillen made me an offer I couldn't refuse and new Gen 3 intake and exhaust systems will be installed next week. Reservations made, paperwork mailed, tires have 200 miles on them and W rated :-)
OK, Ray, I'll bite: What is "magic blinker fluid" and why would it be worth 0.76 seconds? I've never done any drag racing - it sounds intense.

I was at the Skip Barber School two weeks ago and got to drive their cars - big fun! Lotus, Lexus, M3, Porsche, Mazda - autocross, skid pad, lane change, and, of course, the Laguna Seca track - but no drag racing.
I can highly recommend Val's Soup Kitchen! Melanie and I had a fun time with Tom and I saw his new secret weapon - he's converted the NSX into a plug-in Hybrid!

Finished a visit with my parents today and was going to visit Jimmy Mack on the way home but unfortunately our schedules didn't align.

Z now has a whopping 700 miles on it :-) Trip home now re-planned to be Sacramento down 5 to CA-41 and Paso Robles, then 101 down to Solvang for a stop and then home. Road trips are fun!

Good Luck Ray! I haven't drag raced since 1985 (ran the then brand new Mustang at Carlsbad).

Cheers All! See you all in May!
Yeah, I showed Steve that the NSX was plugged in to 115 VAC for the trickle charger - it looks cool with the cord disappearing under the front hood, just like a real plug-in hybrid. Remember the Motel 6 ad where the guy said, "My car is a hybrid of sorts - it burns both gas AND oil!"

OK, some other people must be getting ready, or are these new cars just so solid that you only have to put a few miles on them to prepare? I heard a rumor that there's an addendum coming out to the rules, so maybe that will cause some last minute scrambling, huh? Anyway, let's hear from you, even if it's only polishing some leather seats!
Ray - 12.0 quarter - that's outstanding for a streetable car! Congratulations :-) I assume that wasn't on street legal tires?

And for the record my preparations were 1) break the motor in (1200 miles done), 2) get Stillen intake/exhaust installed (Wednesday), 3) get fire extinguisher mount installed (Wednesday), 4) get camera mount built and installed and finally 5) get scanner mount installed - so not done by any means, but getting closer :-)
Ray, at the Corkscrew I use the oak tree as my aiming point since you can't see the track for that brief moment. But the turn that scares me is turn 9, after the Corkscrew, an off-camber left that puts you into the gravel if you push just a tad too hard.

Anyway, congratulations on your awesome run in the Dodge. I'm happy if I can beat the old lady next to me at the traffic light - some of them have pretty good reactions.
Red Face

Steve, your car is so pretty it wouldn't dare leak.

OK, folks, there are only about 9 more weeks before most of us head out to Ely. You must be at least thinking about getting ready...
Hey Steve,

All that checking and looking is great but
I did not see you doing the most important job
before the race. Tom knows what I'm going to
say, right Tom. What about the most important
pre race job, "Polishing the LEATHER SEATS".
unless you bought a cheap model with cloth seats.
Tell me that ain't so Steve!!!!(Ha! Ha!)
Jim Marz#81(Aka JimmyMack) :burnout:
Yes Dennis usually starts the chatter, but you did a great job last September getting the racers
cranked up. I am sure if Dennis is out there he will be responding shortly. LOL
Gentelman & Ladies START YOUR ENGINES!! :burnout: :burnout:
Happy to see all are getting ready. Hearing about all the extra racing in between time is cool.

You go Ray!
Tom have fun racing Chihuahua. Be careful of the cartel :ar: . Hope they are not a problem. I guess you could out run them.
See you all soon.
Qween of 318 :bowdown:
Connie, you lose the privilege of hauling my luggage but I love you anyway.

Steve I was on Nitto NT05r drag radials. Eric wouldn't approve. 118 mph with 21.5 pounds gets exciting.

Tom here is my Laguna Seca experience.

A few old ladies have relly fast cars. My wife comes home with rubber chunks hanging on the fender. I say honey what happened here. She replies my foot slipped. I have billet pedal covers.
Connie, long live the Queen!

Ray, nice article, if a little corkscrewy.

Mr. Marz: As always, you are the model of calm perfection in your preparations. Your car is always immaculate and yet you're always sitting in one of Blue's lawn chairs with not a care in the world. How can that be?

Mr. Suennen: Your pictures are always great. Now we want you to start working on that 928 before you get to the Motel 6 parking lot (you know what I'm talking about).

Mr. Kroeger: All will be revealed in good time, never fear. Just watch this Message Board.
Jimmy Mack, you got me, the 2007 had nice leather seats which I dutifully polished (although not while wearing purple pants - that Sir is your area), but this model is the bottom of the line model - base model as Nissan calls it with Sport package (19 in wheels, fat sticky rubber, 13.8 front brakes, 14 rear and darn stiff suspension) :-)

So yes it has cloth seats - but then they will swap out nicely for Recaro's at some point :-)

Tomorrow is Stillen Day - Intake/Exhaust/Stainless brake line/AP600 brake fluid/well the list goes on - suffice it to say a months upgrades in a day. Then off to Columbus OH Thursday...
Well Tom,
I've installed a new supercharger, so hopefully
that will be ok. I also installed 2 new rear axles this
Sunday (caused me to miss last years B100), changed
the front brake pads and changed the brake fluid. Will be
changing the oil and filter next weekend, along with
adding some more insulation on the fuel lines and
adding a second oil catch can/breather. Then it's
time to get back on the dyno for some more tuning.

Doubt I'll have time to polish the seats before May...
Well as for myself I am removing the 2 radiator caps[yes the R had 2] and am installing them on another.But am doing extensive rework on the newer car.Motor is ok as are many of the interior and reamining drivetrain except rear axle assm.Which is now being replaced with a 9 inch and gleason made gears.Which GM racing sells]These are suppose to take less HP than the 8.8 that this assm is replacing, also a 6 speed is going in and more DOM is in stock waiting. Am shooting for the may event but still digging my way out of the $$$$$ that the last event cost!Stan
Wow, sure sorry to hear of Darin's passing.

OK, since Tom has called me out, here is where I am. I'm STILL awaiting some machine work on the Corvair engine block. I'm supposed to get it back tomorrow. I should have no problem making the NORC, but I never send in my entry until after the BBORR just to make sure I still have a car. As far as making the BBORR with the Corvair, that is becoming a problem. I'm "on the hook" to fly an F-100 to Ellington (Houston, TX) and then remain there to check out some other pilots in the aircraft. That will probaly happen next week. I'll probably be in Houston for a couple of weeks. Then we will travel to Mojave, CA to help out with the Mojave Mile immediately followed by an F-86 reunion immediately followed by an F-100 reunion. So my time to get the Corvair up and running by April is melting away. But....I'm sure it will all work out. Right????
Hey Stan, I do feel sorry for you. Been there, done that. In case you had forgotten, I also had to build a complete new car after the '04 Silver State end-over-end. It took me two years. And your "day count" for my activities are not even in the ballpark. We will drive (two days)to the Mojave Mile, we will be there for two days. The reunions are three days long, each. Then of course it takes a day to drive back home. So with a little activity overlap, the trip will take nine days. We will be home for two days before we head out for the BBORR. I'm still sitting here marking time awaiting my block so nothing can be done until I get it. Then I'm expecting the call this week to head for Ellington and once I go I'll be gone until the 29th of March. So if I don't get that block real soon, I'm down to a week to get it all done. Of course that is plenty of time....if all goes well. Yes, I'll have the car easily by the NORC but I want to run it in the BBORR also.

Yes Steve, I'm a pretty lucky guy. I have over 1500 hrs in the F-100 and I also have all of the necessary "tickets" from the FAA to still fly it. There aren't too many of us left. The Collings Foundation purchased the aircraft and then had to find someone to fly it to them and then check out some of their pilots in the aircraft. I was that lucky guy.
Charlie, it's great to hear you're still flying those fast jets! Good luck on the Corvair engine.

Anyone else getting down to the wire?

How about Bob Bowser? How about Phil (the Zero Man)? Are we going to see Mr. Schilling and his Mopar Monster? How about Tim & Cheryl? Will Mr. Innocenti be there? Is Bill Bagshaw defending his title(s)? Are the Copes coming in full force?

Any rookies going to be in Blue's troop?

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