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I inquired of Dallas as to the delay in getting the ordered pictures to all of you. Here is his response:


I am back in town from an event and wish to address your concern of posters which are taking a long time to get to our customers. I will start by saying that the very last set were packaged over the weekend, and are in the mail as of 10:15 am. We had an an issue with our large format Epson printer (Stylus Pro 11880) that required it be shipped to their repair facility in Long Beach. This was responsible for the delay in question. On purchase, we tell our customers that the lead time on the product is two to three and a half weeks. To make this a little more bearable, we gave away a free 5x7 photo at the awards banquet to put something in their hands for now.

To make the product nice, we put a lot of work into the posters. Adding in the NORC logo behind the car which requires cutting the car out on its edges, adding speeds, places, names, waiting on custom team artwork from customers for inclusion, color correction, and about 23 minutes to print each in high resolution mode. I am aware that we have had a lot of problems with this particular product in the past due to its size and the special layout, however I think that dumbing it down for a quick turnaround would be opposite of what your participants want for the event and the photographs we take.

I apologize that we had another long delay in turnaround, and appreciate everything that yourself and Steve do for us. We have always made sure that everyone gets what they pay for, even if quality takes more time.

Thank you,
Dallas Lewis
Regional Manager
Event Photo Digital
702.278.2909 ph.
702.254.4198 fax.

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