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Greetings to All,

This is a the email I sent to the Governor of NV and other officials. My email to each of them includes my letter to the Ely Times.

Dear Governor:

This email is to ask you for your support in continuing the May and September races on Hwy 318.

Here is your copy of the letter I wrote to the Ely Times:

Bob Kephart wrote on May 23, 2008 1:18 PM:
" Thank you for the story.

I've raced this event in years past but, did not enter this year.

I love the, Hwy 318, May and September races. I plan on racing the course again. It is great fun.

This former Fallon, NV resident always enjoys Ely and the surrounding scenery.

I especially enjoy meeting the people from White Pine, Lincoln and Nye counties, in Ely, at the pancake breakfast, the car show, parade and other events.

Please encourage the Governor, NDOT and other state. county and local officials to continue the May and September races.


Bob Kephart
Car # 315
2002 Ford (Retired) Police Car. "
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So I have heard from 2 different sources that it was said at the banquet that the people that did not get to run will be given a 50% discount on a future race. I have not seen any offical notice of that, any word? Board members? The $400-500 savings is nothing near what it costs to just show up but it would be a nice gesture. I am zero for two the last two years at the NORC. Last year my tow rig was puking ani-freeze in Ely on race morning so did not get to race then either.
That would be great if it's true. In our business if we sell a product or service and for whatever reason we can not deliver it (regardless of fault) we must refund all of the fees the client paid.

I personally would be happy with a 50% credit towards The Silver State because I know the organizer did have exenses incurred on all of the participants behalf.

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