Everyone should take a good look at the Schedule. You will notice that there is NO TECH INSPECTION in Ely on Thursday which is the day before the Shootout. Be very concerned with your setups if this does not change. There have been very few if any rule changes so best to be prepared and get in Tech line early on Friday morning (schedule says line opens at 8 am) If I remember correctly, Steve Mott is the only and last person to sign off on your car, so doing a car every 10 to 15 minutes means 4 or 6 cars per hour is all they can handle. Since the Race Director has only one Drivers meeting for both 1/2 Mile and 1 Mile contestants at 10 am and you need to drive out there from town, you might have trouble getting to that meeting on time. (No attendance means no race). I hope this gets a re-think on SSCC's part.

Lanny Lowman


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Every thing is in Ely for the May event except Rookie School. It is at Speef Vegas. Look again at the rules. It says Thursday Tech in Las Vegas host hotel. Works for Sept Race but not May Race. They are still trying to get everything coordinated and it is a slow process. 

Berry - Just for clarity - this is what I read in the 2018 Rule Book.

Section III - Inspection, Paragraph 2 Thursday Inspection at the Las Vegas Host Hotel/Casino & Ely: "Technical Inspection will be open during certain designated hours on Thursday in the designated SSCC car display area of the hotel parking lot.  In the case of a 2-way event, Technical Inspection will be open during certain designated hours at the White Pine County Park on Aultman St located across from the White Pine Middle School in Ely."

This seems to contradict the schedule as it stands today.


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Interesting. Even I hadn't caught this update to the 2018
SSCC Rule Book. I have forwarded your message, along with others concerns to the SSCC Board today via email. I'll update with their reply once they have a chance to review and respond.

We're looking forward to seeing you and John on the grid again in that wicked ZR1 at the new #NORC 2-Way in May!


Official Response on the Topic of No Tech Inspection on Thursday

After publishing our 2018 NORC Schedule of Events, some of you voiced concerns about the decision to not hold a Technical Inspection session on Thursday. Unfortunately, Sam’s Town in Las Vegas is not available as a host venue for our usual events, nor staff housing, during the 2018 NORC weekend. As such, the first NORC Technical Inspection session will be held in Ely on Friday at 8 AM Pacific Time. There will be no tech inspection held in Las Vegas this May.

Some of you also have noted the inclusion of language in the 2018 SSCC Rule Book stating there would be a Technical Inspection held in Ely on Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately, due to volunteer staff work and travel schedules, we will not be able to accommodate our original intention to hold a Thursday afternoon Technical Inspection in Ely. That section of the 2018 Rule Book is currently being revised. We thank all of you who brought this to our attention. We appreciate your concerns, and apologize for any initial confusion this may have caused.

We have added additional tech staff for the 2018 NORC weekend. Therefore, we will be running two lines of vehicles during the Technical Inspection process, increasing the usual pace of tech.

Please note, Technical Inspection lines will be open to Shootout vehicles ONLY at 8 AM on Friday. We must inspect the entire field of NORC Shootout vehicles before the 10 AM Shootout driver’s meeting at their race venue on the other side of town.

All other NORC competitors will be able to enter the Technical Inspection lines immediately after the last Shootout vehicle has been inspected, estimated to be around 9:30-10 AM.

Due to time constraints, we will require ALL competitors have their decals on, paperwork filled out, all gear and clothing out of your bags, with everything laid out and ready to be viewed for inspection BEFORE you enter the Technical Inspection lines. Anyone not complying with this request will be immediately waved on through to make proper preparations before being permitted to reenter the back of the tech lines. No exceptions will be made, so be prepared.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our exciting 2018 NORC two-way event in May!


Your SSCC Board of Directors

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