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It is now a challenge to find tire distributors who will guarantee "tire mfg dates" this year.

No doubt playing into this challenge is the supply and demand issues. In 25 years of ORR I have never seen supply so poor for W, Z, and Y speed rated tires mfg in the last year or less.

My team mates are asking me if anyone has a source for high performance tires that will provide a dated tire guarantee. On checking supply for three of my choices I was told they were all in limited supply and NONE were less then 6 months old.

Any help on a tire "source" will be appreciated.


Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"

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Hi Dennis,

Always when ordering from Tirerack I ask for the tire date DOT code. Normally they are very helpful at their online support, but sometimes they are not able to tell you the exact DOT code.

So what I always do is to complete my online order and pay for the tires. Then make a note on the online order to NOT ship any tire prior to emailing me the DOT codes on EACH tire. Then you simply ask them to cancel the order if you’re not happy with the DOT.

Works for me.

Thanks Bjoern

Heh Viking,

Great  to hear from you. Tire rack has always been my first go-to supplier so great advise. But this year there are shortages of new recently dated high performance tires. It’s a supply and demand shortage or so I am being told.  So if you or anyone else has ordered any high performance Y rated tires THIS year let me know who the supplier and point of contact is and what you received.

Hi Dennis,

Agree very much on Tirerack.

I ordered Pirelli high performance tires last week and received the last tire yesterday from Simpletire, as Tirerack was out of stock.

Both are DOT 09/20 tires due to none Pirelli tires have been made since then. When Tirerack had my tire size earlier this year, they were also 09/20 dated.
If Pirelli are deciding making them again this year it won’t be until after NORC anyway. So this was my only option.

Simpletire was NOT able to tell the DOT code prior to shipping, so you may have to return them. I had to return one tire to now finally end up with two matching 09/20 tires.

The problem is that some tire dealers won’t or can’t look at the tires prior to shipping them. So be careful.

Thanks Bjoern 🏁

Follow-up on new tire shortage for limited Z & Y speed rated performance tires…Eric provided some good tire contacts but they all have the same problem….no ‘new’ inventory.

It’s an cross the board SHORTAGE of supply of NEW tires including my other options which were Michelin sport cups, Goodyear F3’s, Dunlap, Bridgestone, and Yokohama less then a year old in the same sizes and in many cases  I was told. 1+ years old for all those mfg. and distributors.

With limited supplies if you need new  ORR tires for the NORC or SS you don’t have allot of options on NEW stock less then a year old.

I got the same answers and comments from the dealers and discount people, including Roger Kraus who is the Goodyear race tire distributors who has always been usually been a good source for other brands and not just Goodyear.

The tires I just purchased were 11/2000 for fronts and 7/2021 for rear tires. They are again DOT legal Pirelli Trofeo’s  (245/40/18) for fronts and for rears they are 305/30/19.  

I bought from TireRack today and dealed with CHAD at Ext # 4469. He took the time to check all my options  and offered a couple I had not thought of.

So my experience was good but have to say the other reps I talked to also confirmed the new tire supply shortage.

If your planning to run at the NORC and need new tires in May you should consider jumping on tire options ASAP. And like Bjoern I did not hear anything different on new tires from others.

Good Luck Racers!

I realize that you are running wider and therefore harder to find tires than I do, but I have had good luck with Discount Tire.  I am running 245/45 ZR20                BF Goodrich G-Force Comp 2 A/S plus. They are Y rated (103Y). I had to pick up a pair earlier this year and got 2022 date code tires with no issues whatsoever.  They are not as sticky as what must of you guys run. But they were available.

Hi Dennis,

I just purchased 4 new, fresh 17” Michelin Pilot Sport tires from Tire Rack:

Michelin PILOT SPORT, Size 255/40ZR17

Load Range: XL, Serv. Desc: 98Y

DOT date codes 0522.

Michelin PILOT SPORT, Size 315/35ZR17

Load Range: XL, Serv. Desc: 106Y

DOT date codes 0822

Seems to me that Michelin are catching up on their production.
Cheers Bjoern 😃🏁

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