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Gary, Well, I guess it's a fun idea. I usually get real serious about my car Saturday afternoon. As soon as I pass tech I take my car and put it on a lift, check everything over, change the oil and filter, fuel up, inflate the tires etc. So that's what I'll be doing Sat afternoon. I hope to be checking the torque on my wheels not taking the wheels on and off. Cheers, Pete
Will this be one big free for all, or will there be classes ? Might I suggest classes by age, or gross weight (either car or team),
or gender, or organizations - such as AARP, Federation of Dart Throwers, or whatever ? Carl PS If "Drunken Hordes" is a team, I'll volunteer to be the driver in the contest
I always knew I could count on you Carl. Unfortunately to keep things simple you will simply have to rely on your Porsche team mates - for better or worse. Some might drink a different kind of beer, some might be young, old, mean, nice or might even serve up peanuts or wine and cheeze. Either way it should be a good time for all and thats what its all about. It would be a great time to show off those team colors and it might even add to the fun if alot of beer, peanuts, wine and cheeze have already been served to team members. We might even have to give a prize for the funniest attempt at completing a pit stop..... I'm sure there will be alot of creative thinking going on......Is team Porsche up to the challenge? How about the Panteras? Mustangs? Vegas Vettes? F-body guys? Maybe the Fast Babes team will beat all you guys.....Then again maybe we should give points for ....... ah better sign off before other ideas come to mind.
Team Mustang is gonna have a Cheez Whiz party first to get our strength up, (that is if they haven't used it all up in their differentials), then were gonna fortify with a gallon of Gallo wine, (that is if they haven't used it all in their winshield washer bottles) and then we're gonna drink some WUPASS, (that is if they haven't used it all in their gastanks), and then were gonna blow the doors off some Pantera guys, (that is, if they haven't stolen them all for lighter doors on the Stangs), and then we're gonna use Mad Dawg as a subhuman roller and just start with only two wheels one one side (most of 'em are stolen anyway)and then we're gonna....
Right on Gary!!!
Team Pantera Racing has been training (beer and donuts) for this event for a lifetime!

Carl (aka; Pappy),
Come on Pappy, you know you are the ONLY guy with a Porsche who still remembers how to change a tire....have a tech session with the rest of Team Porsche and bring a Coors Light!

Peter (aka; D**K),
I'll swap borrowed or stolen car parts with you anyday dawg.

Larry (GoldChains & White Shoes) Duiz
Bring an extra valve cap for me!

David & DB(with drunken hoardes)

Mad Dawg
Please take this an my official, and formal, denial of the nasty rumor that I drink Coors Light. I would NEVER drink Coors light, unless there were no more Coors Regular Banquet Beers in the cooler. Even though I can drink with only one hand, I've been in training for some time, and can just about keep up with my former pace. And NO, it is NOT true that my left arm was damaged while trying to put a Coors in my ear with my elbow. Pappy
I really hate to do this, but you did ask, sooo, here are my suggestions for assigments for the Board of Directors Pit Stop Team - -
Rick - sells tickets for the event, takes orders for monogrammed t-shirts, and provides certificates for the speed of each team.
Bunny - keeps track of who is there and assigns front row seats to life menbers.
Bear - passes out the numbers, conducts the BOD rookie school, holds the car off the ground.
Kelley - keeps track of the money Rick tells him he takes in, compares that to expenses, and produces a P&L statement for the event.
Phil - the "sidewalk barker" lures people into the "show", makes certain the press/media covers the event from the proper perspective, and gets the reults to the Guinnes Book Of Records.
Gary - takes wheels off, takes wheels to wherever Steve tells him, puts wheels back on car.
Steve - supervises everyones' job, tells everyone how to do it better, and arranges a lunch for the winner with his personal friend, Ariel Sharon.
Jeff Gerkin - acts as emcee as the action unfolds, keeps the audience spellbound while selling all the used cars in Ely.
Rod Lapid - (the timing and scoring guru) though not a BOD member - could insure that the times for the teams were accurate, DQ the cheaters, and thereby declare the winner, subject to BOD approval of course.
Of course the well coordinated efforts of the entire board will insure the car gets pushed from the start to the finish.

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