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Got some bad news for you, AJ: Irish is a partner in Silkrip.  Also, I've tried smaller displays and they aren't good at speed.  Even Mad Dawg said he wanted a big bright display.  And, okay, the video is too long.  I agree.  I'll make a shorter one.  Thanks!

DOH!  You know I half expected you to tell me that.

Still, the last display I used seemed to be about right (for me at least); it was a CrystalFontz multi-line with some built in LEDs.  The last time I monkeyed with it the code was shaping up nicely.  I'd really like to get back in and play with it more.

Yea... Mad Dawg is becoming an old porch hound and needs big bright displays, something about one foot tall on top the dashboard should about do it.  (if that doesn't wake him up, I don't know what will). 

I think your LED implementation looked alright, but there are a few things I would do differently in the final design.  I'll email you separately.

Asa  Jay

The down side to the CrystalFontz display is it didn't work very well in the sunshine we usually experience during the run. LED 7 segment displays can be big and bright which supports old farts like me and the Dawg :-) There is also a fairly large and cumbersome library driving the CrystalFontz but then that is my problem being the programmer :-)

Rest assured we will have the best of all worlds - Tom's awesome winning code base, my less so code and better hardware :-)

I'll see all of you at NORC next week, not racing, doing Team support for Tom and Blue!

The prototype had two minor issues during our run, both of which have been easily addressed in software.  I guess that's why you do a prototype test.  First production unit will ship on schedule in early June, and there are still one or two units available out of that first build of 10.  

Asa Jay Laughton posted:

Argh, the way my schedule is shaping up for June, I won't get to this until July, if I'm lucky.


Hahahaha... oh I kill me......

Here it is, one more day in June and I still haven't got back to this.

However.... I was riding in a cab recently and it had a big bright LED display for the fare on the dash.  When it got into the sunshine it completely washed out, and then I thought of you guys.  So I think I know why this one washed out and yours doesn't, check me on this.

The fare box with the LED display had a Red window over the entire front.  As long as it was shaded, the RED LEDs came through the RED front just fine, but when the sun came out, it washed out the entire front.

In your design you have no covering, so you can get the raw LED light without any filtering.  That's why it works so well.

I also really liked the idea of the speedometer cable encoder (which I still have).  I imagine that could still be used, but would take a software tweak regarding the number of revolutions per mile (or something like that)

I still want to try that Crystalfontz display I have, if for nothing else than it looks really sleek and cool.

... oh look, squirrel

Asa  Jay

As the very experienced night runner of 318 , it might be fun but would probably be extremely dangerous. Although my one eye has excellent night vision it would quite hazardous for all in the event of a crash, not knowing just where it occurs would be a problem to get rescue crews to the proper location.  but that"s just my opinion, what do I know !    And Tom there are some ways to brighten up the mind but i cannot suggest them on this forum, Timothy Leary's formula comes to mind, did wonders for my cognitive speed.    O

Thanks for the ideas, George!  A few years ago, I actually prototyped a touchscreen version, but Meme said it would be unreliable with racing gloves on.  Voice commands would be nice in my quiet car but probably unworkable in your 928 ;-)  Anyway, you have so many instruments in your car now, I'm surprised a heart rate monitor isn't already on that dash somewhere.  So, no Version 2 at this time, but if there ever was one, it would be based on the iPad, and I'd have to put holes in the finger pads of Meme's gloves.


I thought about your post related to touchscreens and racing gloves, and the capacitive touch screen should work with leather, since it's a type of skin. So I tried my G-Force racing glove on my cellphone and it works without any holes.  It's a little clumsy because of the wider finger width, but on a iPad with larger button locations it should work...

As for the noise inside the car, that's where the Bluetooth  microphone mounted in the helmet would come in handy.  As for the heart rate monitor, I wear one on my wrist and it does transmit to my phone in real-time through bluetooth, so it shouldn't be that hard to incorporate.


1990 Porsche 928 S4


OK, George, so I tried the experiment with my Simpson Nomex gloves and my iPhone.  It didn't work at all.  Are you sure you aren't using those Kelley Gibbs Special Gloves that you bought a while back? 

And who among us doesn't have a heart monitor readout in their race cars already?

Tom, if I were to do it I'd pick a linux or android tablet - same abilities and no BS licensing restrictions :-) You would need some external hardware to get wheel speed integrated though... A Raspberry Pi (cheap) with a small touchscreen (cheap) would allow the system to work nicely for lower cost. So all considered a Pi 3, touchscreen, some custom GPIO glue and voila... :-)

Let's see, Dave, a large box full of courage... nope, you already have that and I'm pretty much fresh out of it myself anyway. Maybe a self- driving computer thingy programmed for 225 mph... nope, you guys have each proven you can out-drive any computer and any of us.  Hmm, it's your turn to drive, right, Dave?  I guess all I have to offer is my sincere best wishes for good luck, good weather, and another amazing new World Record!

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