New NORC 2 Way Start and Finsih Line locations

At SSCC direction, Lanny and Ken wandered up 318 to mark and measure the new locations for the start line for Leg 1 (south bound) and the finish line for Leg 2 (north bound)  These locations were changed from Check Point 3 due to NDOT directive.  The following information is provided to update your course notes:

The new Leg 1 (south bound) Start Line is located at the Gate 53 north side reflector.  There are painted arrows on each side of the road.  Gate 53 is located 1.2 miles south of the Sunnyside Rest Area.  The distance from the new start line to Check Point 3 (the old leg 1 NORC 2 way start line) is 1.49 miles.  With the new added length the Leg 1 course distance is now 61.38 miles.

The new Leg 2 (north bound) Finish Line is located 1000 feet south of the new Leg 1 Start Line.  There are painted arrows on each side of the road.  The distance from the finish line to Check Point 3 (the old leg 2 NORC 2 way finish line) is 1.30 miles.  With the new added length the Leg 2 course distance is now 61.19 miles

The new NORC 2 way course total length is now 122.57 miles.

New SSCC web site course notes and class times will be provided in the near future.

The other topic post has a Gate 53 photo.

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Tom King posted:

Hey, Ken and Lanny, this is exactly what we need, many thanks!  I'm assuming that Flag 6 is therefore 32.75 miles from the southbound finish and 28.44 miles from the northbound finish (important for Checkpoint Challenge and for emergency restarts).


New course notes for the NORC 2-Way now available on the website.  Go to the Downloads section, right-click on the NORC 2-Way Pace Notes link, and save the link as something in your computer.  It's an Excel spreadsheet.  Note that you can change the target speed in one spot (location E1) and all the target times change accordingly, although it's initially set up for 110 mph.  Also note that the spreadsheet has two tabs, one for Southbound and the other for Northbound.

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