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Happy Holidays to All!

The SSCC Board is happy to let you know that the Nevada Open Road Challenge will be taking on a 2-way format for 2018!   You’ll run from Check 3 to Finish and then Finish back to Check 3. Roughly 120 miles (well, 119.78 according to initial measurements). Awards Banquet will be in Ely instead of Las Vegas.
Needless to say, there’s a ton of details to work out, but 2 things are known right now: no Unlimited Class and, since this is the first time doing this, entries will be initially limited to 135 cars.
Rookie School will still take place in Las Vegas the Thursday prior to the event. We are working on broadening the options to meet instruction requirements. As a reminder to Rookies though, if you have recently completed a driving school or session that issued you a certificate, diploma, racing license or other documented proof of completion, you most likely can waiver out of Rookie School.
We’re also working with our web designer to update the site as we update forms and other content. We’ll try to have that up as soon as possible.
The Silver State Classic Challenge in September will continue in its classic 1 way format including the record holding Unlimited Class.
The SSCC Staff and Board thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you in 2018!

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May could trailer to the rest stop about 3 miles before new start line?                       Yes I think gas will be important for a lot of cars, not just the faster ones.                 How the cars will be lined up to start? 180 and down and how to line up for second leg?                                                                                                                              Time to set up and turn around for second leg?

Hi Dave, et al,

There's a meeting later this week that may yield answers to some of the questions asked above.  We're hoping to work out fuel with Lance Gale and also use the Rest Area.  As for the turnaround, folks with street legal cars should have plenty of time to run into Ash Springs for fuel, bio break and lunch.  Should have a food truck and porta potties also at South Start/Finish for those that choose to stay.  

You should know also,"Oh Great Fast One", if we're successful with this idea and have adequate time, we will add Unlimited to the 2-way in May of 2019.

As for signing up, we're working to get the website updated as fast as possible but in the meantime, email Bunny at 

Merry Christmas!

Fuel is a very important question for me too. I use race fuel and probably can't make 120 miles without a refill at turn around.

Maybe I missed it but what is the max avg speed for this event?

All us racers need details on the event, i.e. what is the defined total distance of each leg, will check 3 be using the same road location (start & finish) as used for kotr.

Happy New Year Gary!!!

As Bunny mentioned above, race fuel will be available.  Tom also posted mileage information above.  At this point in time the full Super Sport Class will run.

Granted, piece meal information in several places is not optimal, however, at this point in time, things are still coming together.  By the time the new website is up, we should have worked out a high percentage of the details and be able to post them in one place.

In the meantime, we'll try to share details as they are ironed out.   



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We will indeed use the Rest Area.  I suspect we'll need to prioritize rigs supporting Super Sport, Unlimited & other non-street legal vehicles.  We'll also have to be precise on parking as Rest Area will be a stopping off point after the event, especially for Rookies 

Will share more details as they are ironed out.

Thanks for your patience and support.


I am a little skeptical.  Time is gonna be the big issue.  Even with the limit of 135 cars (one minute apart = 2 hours and 15 minutes), you have to figure the southbound run will take at least 3 hours to finish and an hour for turnaround (?)  with the northbound run another 3 hours.  With an 8 am start, the race may not finish until 3 pm.   That said, I am entered in the BBORR in April so I will get a chance see how a turnaround race works. 

A quick "devil's advocate" thought about the rest area.  Will NDOT make sure it's not full of big rigs prior to and during the race?  I can see some overnighting and waking up to a closed road making it slim pickings for race trailers.  I imagine this is something that has already been thought of and is being taken care of, but thought I should mention it (considering we almost couldn't stop there last September on the way up to Ely because it was so full).


Asa  Jay

Dave Bauer posted:

Asa Jay if you noticed even on normal past racing the rest stop has been cleared on race day. We have never had any coarse worker there do to it being empty.

Yes, I've noticed it was clear on race day.  But the difference is, on those race days, the rest area is ON course and closure notices are posted.  If I understand this two-way course layout correctly, the rest area is NOT on course, it's about three miles prior to the start.

To me (and it's just me), that means it would be perfectly fine for trucks to be positioned there waiting for the road to open again.  Much like they could be waiting at Lane's truck stop, or pulled off the side of the road in Lund.  Those aren't places "on" the course.

I'm not trying to create an argument.  I imagine the board, working with NDOT will ensure the rest area is clear/closed just like it normally is for the full course. I'm just pointing out the difference between the rest area being on-course, and not.  I'm not worried about it.  I was mostly musing out loud.

Asa  Jay

Quick update (please forgive the brevity, I'm at my day job)

  • We have the full course just as in September so Rest Area will be cleared
  • Having ran numerous other 2-way events, i'm confident we'll be fine on time, barring issues or incidents.
  • Most likely need to limit Rest Area parking to support crews of vehicles with race tires, in other words, those who normally park in Lund or at the cattle guard. Will probably need to add some extra porta-potties at the Rest Area too.
  • I'm way too excited
  • Vegas Vetts is ready to handle turn around gridding (BAMM!)
  • Website update is progressing (thanks for all the videos!!)

That's all I have for now.


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How about a dress rehearsal of the necessary movements including the turn-around? After the snow melts but with enough lead time to make adjustments. We could do it in real time (allowing for the posted speed limit, of course). I've already started a spreadsheet outline of a schedule from start to finish to include the speed limit run back to Ely.

Bill Kelly

I'm liking the ideas for the new format. I understand the many details and logistics to finalize, however I feel strongly that trailer parking at the rest area should not be limited to "race tire  vehicles only" if at all possible depending on the number of trailered vehicles.

   I would also mention that crew and family involvement is a large part of motorsports competition and with the changes being made this needs to be considered. Whether it is a short sprint 12.6 miles like Pikes Peak or a 250 mile desert race crew/family are involved at the start/finish. 

  I am glad to see the changes that are being made.


Bill - Practice run would be awesome, but highly unlikely. I personally still work for a living and barely have enough vacation time for the events I do in a year (cough, cough .. Boss, I need a sick day or two in September... cough, cough). Also, I can only imagine the drama of gridding, let alone staging a turnaround, on the highway while it's still open. BUT, please know that members of Vegas Vettes did recently drive up and physically look at what it will take to make this happen.

Owen - As for Lance and his fuel truck, non-street legal cars or those with racing tires may prefer fuel truck to be in or near the Finish Pits.  Decision has not been made on that yet.  Would be interested to hear what others think.

Dan - Given the limited space at the Rest Area, prioritization, not limitation, would be the objective for trailers and rigs. Family, crew and friends have always been welcome in pit areas providing they meet age requirements, sign waivers and get their wrist bands.

Hope that helps!


Rick Herndon posted:

Will there be any consideration in swapping driver's on each leg?

To answer the question more directly though, Yes, co-driving will be allowed.  In the case of veteran co-drivers, provided neither was DQ'd at last event, flip the coin and make the decision.  In the case of a veteran and a rookie, speed will be limited to Touring as both legs must be at same speed. 

Navigator fee will remain the same and become Navigator/Co-driver fee.


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