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Over the years many of our participants have concocted some strange, but exciting, innovative ways to enjoy themselves and interact with each other. 

These events (for lack of a more descriptive word) are outside the sanctioned events sponsored by the SSCC Board.  With that said, we always want to make sure all our participants know what is going on in Ely for their enjoyment.

This September Ray Alexander is hosting a BBQ on Friday evening in the new patio area adjacent to the Stardust Ranch. The BBQ will commence just after the Welcome Reception at 7:30 pm at the Stardust Ranch.  The BBQ is prior to the Hookers Choice Contest which has been sponsored by the Stardust Ranch for many years and provides a much coveted award and a lot of fun.   

Ray hopes the BBQ will provide food, fun and a relaxed environment to share racing stories, visit with old friends and make some new ones.  Some may even be similar to Fishing Stories!  just saying................. 

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The Hooker's Choice Awards is an institution in an of itself during NORC & SSCC weekends. Kelley kick started it back in the early days of SSCC, and it's always a fantastic event! I'm both humbled & honored to say that he passed the baton of emcee duties over to me this past year, after I pinch hit for him last September when he had to miss. It is a position I've come to enjoy almost as much as the race itself!

To all who've never been to the Stardust Ranch for the Hooker's Choice awards, as well as to all you Friday night regulars at the Ranch, I highly encourage you ALL to come enter your cars, or just be part of the hoopla! It is the most fun you can have in Ely on race weekend without your firesuit on!

The fact that Ray is hosting a BBQ before the awards is the perfect excuse to be there, especially for those of you who may need an official excuse to visit the House of Good Times!

Way to go Ray for stepping up! Can't wait to see y'all there!

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In the years that I have attended these Nevada events the addition of newer and larger lodging facilities have diluted the concentration of participants.  This venue will provide an opportunity to trade "war stories"(lies) while bring participants to interact.  This will be an "off he cuff" event.  To date I have only one person that has committed to attend and that is Dabney, the official event timer.  Dabney is from Memphis and knows good BBQ, if the fare does not meet his expectations I will likely be disqualified for some timing infraction.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a definition of barbecue and most purchased items claiming to be barbecue can't meet the requirements in the first paragraph.

I will be back with more details. 

What is it about fast cars & 'shine? Growing up in Kentucky, you might say I've had my share of good ol' Moonshine in the past. Ironically, after many years away from the stuff, I've managed to partake in more than a sip or two of that high octane goodness from a mason jar more than a few times in recent years at NORC, SSCC, and most recently at SORC. Racers really do have more fun! #BringOnTheShine #HighOctaneFuelOfChampions #JustLikeNASCARUsedToDo #ThisMessageIsOfficiallyApprovedByRickyBobbyINC

I touched base with Lee at the Stardust and we agreed that the event will be free.  I will furnish the barbecue and the Stardust will provide everything else.

This will be authentic Memphis style barbecue.  It is cooked dry with spices, but no type of tomato based sauce.

I know this is immediately after free food from Silver State, but I promise this is worth saving some room for.


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