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Just learned the SSCC Board has approved the addition of "Special Stage Timing" through the Narrows as an additional trophy-bearing competition within the Nevada Open Road Challenge.  There will be an electric eye at mile 70 (at the crest of the hill as you enter the off-camber right) to record your entry time, and another electric eye at mile 72.6 as you exit the Narrows.  Lowest time in each Division wins (i.e., Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Sport, and Super Sport).

The Advisory Council was split on this idea, but the Board passed it anyway, citing the need to increase excitement for the film crew.  Some racers said, "Woohoo, more trophies, more fun in the Narrows!"  Other racers said, "Geez, sounds like an accident waiting to happen."

The Board said that anyone who doesn't want to compete for the trophy doesn't have to, but if this experiment is successful, it will be added to the September event as well.

What do you guys think?  Sounds like Ray got his Corvette upgraded just in time to DQ in this stage.  Personally, I think anyone who would engage in this kind of Special Stage speed event like Chihuahua Express is nuts.

Tom King
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I guess I fall into the "accident waiting to happen" category.  I would be okay with it if there was an opportunity to have a practice session on Friday or Saturday, but I see little chance of that happening.

Most of the rules seem designed to keep us near our target speed.  This minimizes passing and keeps things safe.  This proposal is a rule that encourages going faster (well, perhaps the speed strap does that too, but at least its straight).

I'd suggest a competition where the prize goes to the car getting closest to a target speed through the Narrows.  The target speed would be your class speed less 15-35mph.  So the 110 class would have at 95 target.  The 150 class a 115 target.  Figures are examples only.


Tom, most years I've read the April Fool post and it's been pretty good.  This year I think simply missed the mark.  Too many things to compound emotions over the idea especially with what happened in 2014.  We all know the Narrows are the bugger of the course and every year the Rookies are nervous about having to keep up their average through there.  Yes, SSCC explains that the Narrows are essentially exempt from the min tech speed rule but it just goes to show how it can make folks nervous.

On the flip side of the (not as funny) post this year, I -did- think Deven's idea was pretty good.  I usually use the Nomograph from ORR Aid and calculate an average through the Narrows into my overall timing plan.  So I can see an effort to be made to hit the entry at my "Narrows average" and exit it in similar fashion.  Closest to their stated "Narrows average" wins for that speed bracket.


Last year I was in the 120 class (I probably don't need to remind the Corvette drivers of that), and selected an average of 100 for the Narrows.  In this situation I would declare 100 as my "Narrows Average" and be entered against anyone else using 100 as their "Narrows Average" no matter what speed they were shooting for overall.  Then break it down into various "Narrows Averages" like 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, etc. until you reach the practical limit (what is that anyway, 120 or so, 130?  What did Jim Peruto do through there?)

This would have the added benefit of putting Rookie's minds at ease.

And I think you owe Bunny a large box of Easter Chocolate for that too.

Asa  Jay

1st Place, 120 MPH - 2015 SSCC

<oh, did I mention I did that in a Pantera?>

hehehe.... honestly though... I'd like to see more new Stingrays show up... those are the best looking vette in decades.

Bob Allyn posted:


I believe the practical limit for running through the narrows, and the speed Jim Peruto did in the narrows are two very different speeds. A properly setup Cup Car is capable of cornering forces in excess of 3 lateral G’s as compared to a C7 corvette Z06 at 1.2 G’s.

Agreed, though I'm still curious what Jim did manage. 


Bob Allyn posted:


I believe the practical limit for running through the narrows, and the speed Jim Peruto did in the narrows are two very different speeds. A properly setup Cup Car is capable of cornering forces in excess of 3 lateral G’s as compared to a C7 corvette Z06 at 1.2 G’s.


While you are correct that a Cup Car's cornering ability is far greater than a stock car when fully set up, recall that for ORR the setup calls for almost no camber, almost no toe, and lots of caster for straight line stability, making the car "tight."  My own Cup Car had .5 negative camber, 1/16" toe, and 7 degrees of caster and could not pull 3Gs with that setup.  My average speed through there was about 125 mph until the last two left turns, (when I began accelerating hard, hitting 175 mph just out of the narrows and shifting to 4th) but the car was also rock-solid at 221 mph on the straights, where it counts on this track.  Does my setup match what your setup/results were through there?  Do you know what Peruto's setup/speed was (just curious, I don't know)?

Last year, in my C7, about 120 mph through there was fast but comfortable, but I think the takeaway here for non-unlimited drivers is that you lose so little time (against your overall target time) by slowing down a little bit more than necessary through that very short section, that it's best to be on the safe side and make time up before or after the narrows.



Our setup is very close. We run with a little more camber in the front and a little less in the rear. Same caster and toe. Our runs thru the narrows are similar in speed to yours, most of the time.  We have run a faster average (140 as the slowest thru the S turns, but in saying that, in May last year we were down to 100 at the S turns, and still averaged 202.8 MPH. I spoke with Jim after his 199 average run in the Monte Carlo, and he indicated he had run about 140. I talked to him after his record run, and didn't share that information. With all this said, at the speeds Jim was running at the radar locations, the math would suggest his speed in the narrows was not much more than his previous run.  

Thank you both, that testimony would support the idea that folks aren't going to go very fast through the narrows, which in the case of a "Narrows Average" kind of trophy class, limits the range of available  selections, say from 95 though 125 (seven classes), and perhaps one or two more for the high-speed and unlimited cars.

It might be an interesting additional challenge to add to the mix.  I for one would probably enter it, as (like Mike indicated) I try to bank time ahead of the Narrows so I can slow down to a leisurely 100 MPH or so then bump it back up to average and I should be close to time.  I use the OOR Aid Nomograph to calculate my time lost at a specific Narrows speed entry and exit, then build my course notes accordingly.

I'm not trying to get Tom out of the dog house with Bunny here, I'm leveraging the idea first proposed by Deven, which would be much -safer- than the April Fool first proposed. 

Asa  Jay

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