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A fellow racer sent me this picture taken at the NORC 2012 Start Line and wants to know if anyone recognizes this person.  A fabulous reward may be offered for the first demonstrably correct answer - or not.  The reward may just be notoriety on the Message Board.


Mystery Man NORC 2012

Tom King
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  • Mystery Man NORC 2012
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Hi Connie,


I had high hopes that you or Rick would know this person.  Oh well, maybe someone working the Start Line will recognize him.


I did contribute more than one T-shirt to the cause, and I thought I saw one of my special blue ones from 2001 in the picture.  However, I don't guess that increases my odds - it just increases my fun factor when Mad Dawg has to sleep with some of my old T-shirts.  Thanks!

It looks a lot like Michael Sharp, but he ran in an earlier class, so it would have been hard for him to get back to the start line for the Super Sport group.  And, no, Jimmy Mack, I'm not looking for a date.  I'm really just doing this for a fellow competitor who called me and sent me the photo.  I don't actually know why he needs to know the identity of Mystery Man, but I doubt it has to do with dating.

Alright!!! I confess, the fellow racer is ME, damn it. I couldnt find my password. I want this guy for his pictures, and THATS ALL. He was snapping them all day and I like "in the moment" not POSER pics. So if anyone has a lead on him, contact info, please let me know. Im sure other SS class cars would be interested too. Notice the yellow wrist band, course worker or what?? I hope Dawg wins the prize. The thought of him sleeping all wrapped up in other peoples dirty laundry just makes me all fuzzy inside..... Thx, Bob

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