My apologies - can't make it this event

To all of the racers participating in the 2017 Silver State Classic this weekend, my apologies that I am not able to attend this event.  A health issue with my back prevents me from making the trip to Ely. I know that many of you are counting on me to be there, and I have not missed an event since I started coming n 2004. But I am sure that there are enough competent SSCC folks that can step up and fill my shoes for tech inspection for this event.  Please be kind to the tech crew in my absence - they are there for your safety! 

I will miss all my SSCC friends and family, but I am there with you in heart and in spirit.

I wish everyone a safe and fun event.  Sorry that I can't be there with you, but I plan to be back next spring for the 2018 Nevada Open Road Race!

Steve Mott
SSCC Chief of Tech

2003 Nissan 350Z JWT Twin Turbo
613whp / 638wtq
Competition licenses held: SCCA, IMSA, FIA, ASA, FMAD, NASA

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