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Happy New Year Open Road Racers

2020 SSCC Rule Book should be up soon.  Here's a summary of 2020 changes in advance:

  • Helmets – As posted earlier, SA2010’s will still be allowed this year
  • Harness age – For Grand Touring and Grand Sport, see excerpt below from updated Rule Book.  (SS & UNL still 2 years old max)
    • A five or six-point safety harness system that includes three-inch (3”) shoulder and lap belts as a minimum (see “Restraint Systems” section, including note on Harness Bars). All belts must be in “as new” condition, no more than five (5) years old from manufacture date or no more than three (3) years old from validation date. Exception would be FIA rated belts which may have 5 year expiration by default
  • New “Support Crew Class” – 90 mph Target with 112 Tech Speed.  S rated tires or better.  All other Touring Class rules apply.  Just doing it for NORC to see how it goes over.  If all goes well and there’s interest from Support Crews and Support Personnel, we’ll look at adding it to SSCC
  • Slightly revised SpeedVegas instructions for those wanting to take class prior to event.  Click here
  • Hand Timing will be known as Basic Timing.  We’ll still do the informal “True Hand Timer” thing for those that are indeed running totally old school


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