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Original Post
Every time I make a post it says "Junior Member."

How long am I a "Junior Member" for? What's up with that? I joined in May 2004, and this years' NORC 2005 will be my third event.
Hi Steve,

The Jr. Member is a message board item. It
refers to the number of posts on this board. When
you get so many posts(number unk.) thenyou are no
longer a Jr. Member.
Jim Marz#81

Okay, we would not be Team Pantera Racing if we did not break rules or wait until the final week to replace an engine or 'improve' a suspension.

We have done it so many times now that we can R&R an engine on the grass at the park in less time then it takes Steve Mott to come by and ask, 

"What are you guys doing"

So with a couple weeks to go I just finished my new engine and so has JB and Mark in Connectect and Gerry in Illinois. 

Not much I can do about the rules though. I have talked to Mad Dawg and he said he will be good.

? Was that on the grass or someone had grass? Just saying? Glad that all you guys are really hard at it. ? But isn't the engine supposed to be in the car not on a stand? ! it does look pretty though.

Hope to see you all there in a few weeks

Hahahaha....too funny Super Dave.

You know how it is bro'. If you have anything vintage (aka old) or anything old and fast nothing better then sitting with your homies in the shop drinking a brewsky or 2 or 3 while you talk about what needs to get done. So planning completed you can then pull it all together the last 72 hours before you leave for a open road or track event where we can drink more beer, and plan what we are doing next year.

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