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Redoing my race notes.  A little, confused using the notes handed out, at the last drivers/nav meeting. 1st 3 columns across the top are marked Mile Marker|Elapsed Mile|Time.  The start line is at WP-9.61.  The next mile marker is WP-9.  However, the "Elapsed Mile" column indicates a distance of 0.39.  Why would not the distance (Elapsed Mile) from the start to the WP-9 be 0.61? Proceeding down the road, I would think?, the distance to WP-8 would be 1.61 and not the indicated 1.39.  What am I missing? 

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Unfortunately, all mile markers are not a mile apart. There were probably times in the distant past that the actual road path may have been altered. If this did happen, the county would not bother to redo all of the mile markers. The mile markers were for the county's use so it was not critical that they be super accurate.  This is true on other ORR venues in other states also.

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Hi Dick,

You have found an age-old problem with the official course notes: the turns are referenced to the nearest mile marker (plus or minus, not sure which) - but that mile marker could be quite a ways from the turn itself.  This practice is no longer pointed out in the course notes themselves. Very confusing.  Also, since you're concerned about math, you might notice that some of the target times given in the official course notes are incorrect as well.

If you want course notes that show the mileage from the start line to the entry of each turn and to some important waypoints, you can go to:

Hope this helps.


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