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At the Press Luncheon, I claimed partial credit for the World Record set by Bob Allyn and Dave Bauer because I had given them each a "lucky gold coin" before their awesome run in May.  OK, the "coins" were chocolate wrapped in gold foil and embossed to look like coins, but it's the thought that counts.  Dave (smart navigator) promptly ate his and forgot about it.  But Bob carried his with him in the car during the race.  Unfortunately, the lucky coin didn't survive the ride in Bob's firesuit, but at least Bob was gracious enough to come up to the podium at the Press Luncheon and return the favor by presenting me with a new "gold coin" to wish me luck in the 115 class this time.

It worked like a charm.  Thanks, Bob!

Lucky Charm

Tom King
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I got a couple of those gold coins of yours at the NORC, and I ran 0.00098 secs off my target speed of 175 mph.  Too bad I was in the 170 class and got an official variance of 54.5135 secs and a 3rd place...

This event Bob gave me a new coin (with gum inside) and I had a variance of 45.2972 secs, but a 1st place...

I don't know which one worked better, but at least I finished both events and didn't get DQ'd, so they must be good for something. That and the gum coin won't melt in your pants.

Thanks Tom and Bob,


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