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Good news! You now have a wide open opportunity to grab one of the remaining spots for the limited 135 car grid in the new two-way NORC in May!

While most on the 2018 NORC Intent to Register List seized the opportunity to claim their spot in the field, some folks either missed, or opted out of their priority window to register due to changing plans, work schedules, broken cars, or plain old non-responsiveness. Their loss can now be your gain.

Unlike previous years, the 2018 NORC event format requires a restricted grid size. It takes longer to run a 119.78 mile two-way race than a 90 mile one-way race. Therefore, the 2018 NORC has a grid limit of only 135 cars.

If you missed your priority window to register, or have not yet responded to our requests for your information or payment, please note that we are no longer holding a spot for you. If you still want in, you better act fast. All remaining spots are now open to everyone, and are all first come, first served.

If you intend to be on the grid for the new two-way format NORC in May, you should go to and register online today, or download the entry forms and email them to Bunny at to get registered.

Here's hoping we see you on the grid for the new two-way NORC in May!


Berry Lowman

SSCC Communications


"I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew!"

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