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I would like to leave my car and enclosed trailer in Ely while I go to Vegas for rookie school.  I would need to drop it off late Wednesday morning and I will be back to Ely with the rest of the rookie class.  I am staying at the Hotel Nevada the rest of the week.

Is there anywhere secure I can leave it?

There may be two of us in the same situation.

Also, are there people that take a support truck to the finish line?  I need to send a couple fuel jugs down so I can drive back to the trailer.

Thanks for the help, and I am looking forward to it!


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Hi Tim,

Team Pantera Racing will be arriving at Hotel Nevada Wednesday afternoon (Sep 15).  We park our trailers and rigs in the overflow parking lot for Hotel Nevada which is in the block kitty-corner on the SouthEast.  We usually always find room.

The lot is -not- secure and there is no security that patrol it.  We'd be happy to keep watch on it after we get there.  We tend to hang out in the parking lot prepping the cars for Tech Inspection.

I think it will be fine there.

Asa  Jay

Yes, that would be -me-.

I live just outside Spokane.  I'll be heading into Oregon to meet up with Dennis (Mad Dog) Antenucci and ride shotgun with him into Ely.  It's a much longer trip, but I'm not racing this year; I'm playing pit crew.

Normally I head down 395 to the tri-cities, turn left on 84 and go through Boise and turn Right at Twin Falls, then it's nearly a straight shot into Ely.  I've gone through McCall a couple of times, just because it's a pretty drive.

We should be there late afternoon, probably around three or later.

Asa Jay

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