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SSCC is starting the 29th year! Lets's keep it going.

Bunny and I have been working together to to keep the spirt alive. We are excited to see another race coming together. We have new hats, sweatshirts, and others little surprises. They will be filming the event too. So put the shine on those cars. Put your fires suits on and SMILE! YOUR ON Camera!

Bunny will only answers your registration needsand leaves the technical advice to the advisors on our contacts list. So read your rule books, and come prepared.

Thank You all for your participation.  We are looking forward to seeing you.

Connie Grey

Queen of 318


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Well I'm ready should be fun for all . See all of you soon O   Oh by the way if someone knows how to get like a DVD of Big Red Camaro at SSCC that was on NBCSN please let me know have tried to view on line but no soap have heard from several people that I was in it  but have yet to see it . Hopefully I did not embarrass SSCC or myself .

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