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SSCC has been busy revamping our social media presence for the 2018 Open Road Racing season. We are now using and actively monitoring our social media channels to post official SSCC news and updates, promoting our events, and engaging with people around the globe about the sport of ORR.

We encourage all of you to come interact with us on social to learn more about us, and about each other, by sharing your ORR stories via our social media channels. Our social presence will continue to grow and flourish as more of you actively participate. So log on today and join the conversation!

The easiest way to actively participate is by following, friending, or liking us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. When you post your own photos and videos from past and future SSCC events, be sure to tag our accounts in your posts.

Also, be sure to use the hashtags #NORC #SSCC #ORR and #OpenRoadRacing in all of your SSCC related social media posts, along with tagging our accounts, so the rest of the world can follow along and learn about our sport through your posts, even if they do not specifically follow you or your accounts.

You can find, follow, and friend SSCC via the following social media channels:

@SSCC_US on Twitter, or

@SSCC.US on Instagram, or

Silver State Classic Challenge Inc on Facebook, or

NOTE - For those of you who belong to the Silver State Classic Challenge private Facebook group, please note that SSCC does not currently administrate, nor officially maintain this group. However, we continue to actively participate and interact with everyone in the group via individual posts and comments via my personal Facebook account (@BerryLowman).

Stay tuned to all of our SSCC social media channels for all the latest news, updates, thoughts, and happenings in our Open Road Racing community.

We also ask that you help us share the thrill of Open Road Racing with the rest of the world by liking, sharing, and commenting on all of our posts on all of our social media channels. The more you like us, the more others will, too!

For those of you who enjoy running in all of the Open Road Racing events held in the US every ORR season, or would just like to learn more about them, be sure to follow these accounts (maintained by their respective organizations):

Big Bend Open Road Race on Facebook, or

Sandhills Open Road Challenge on Facebook, or

@SORC_NE on Twitter, or

Thank you for your continued support of SSCC. We look forward to conversing with you, and seeing all of your ORR event posts across the social spectrum!


Berry Lowman

SSCC Media Communications

@BerryLowman on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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