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Yo My Peeps,


I have a good friend (Peter Menyhart) who is a ORR veteran and a film maker.


The German as we call him has been in America for more then quarter of a century. Amazing guy. Just his story of coming to America alone is incredible. included a lot of jobs some of which we can talk about but can't necessarily write about.,.


  The German ended up working as a stunt man in Hollywood and finally as a contractor building movie sets. He founded and still runs a western movie set ranch near Joshua Tree called the you guessed it,



White Horse Ranch....sure you can figure out the web address.


Anyway  he asked me to ask if there is any interest in his doing an event video. So here's the question,


Are some of you interested? If there is enough interest I will ask him to load his cameras and gear and come up to join us.


Otherwise just join us at the Hotel Nevada and be impressed with his stories of serving in the German Army, racing in F1 for a living, falling off buildings, and then realizing later in life that building them would be safer.


He's the real deal....not looking to turn this into a business as he already has one and he knows most of you ORR bastards are cheap anyway.


Team Pantera Racing has already told him 'we're in".









Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"

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That would be an interesting project, but you're right, none of us can afford the "real deal".  We're more of a You Tube (free is good) crowd.  But I'm sure many of us would volunteer to offer our cars and ourselves as characters in such an endeavor.  In fact, there's probably a lot of in-car footage to be had for the asking.  I usually run 3 video cameras in my car, and I know many of the others run video cameras as well.




PS, my car is white and German, does that count for anything?

Ya can't get any more American then a German film maker who loves America, racing, the wild west and is married to a Minnestoa farm girl whose family is from Italy and also owns a Corvette and a Pantera.


No you can't make this stuff up.  Will get some contact information out to you all in next week or so so you can contact Peter directly...


Have heard off line from about a dozen people and this is a low budget video film which will have some great music layered on top of....something like what Eric Petterson did many years ago which was all about Silver State but too much about Eric....okay kidding Eric.

Love you

Hi there

I can supply pics and some video of the past events I have been involved in.

Not anything spectacular like Charlies's ride in May, but if he is looking for some mundane rookie level happenings in an old Mopar, we are IN!!

I won't be running the 71 Coronet this year, I have a newer Charger to try out. Not saying right now what kind of charger it is but is Mopar all the way!


car 426

Several of you asked how to contact Peter directly and his email is


So please contact him directly. He is really tough to reach by phone so I would suggest you let him know your interest and share any detail about you, your ride and or team.


Remembering when the Stuntman Association guys came up to Ely many years ago...oh yea can't write about it but we can talk about it in Ely. Don't want to offend anyone



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