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I received my 2005 entry package from the SSCC today. Inside was a letter to the members that mentioned "NEW this year is a, Nevada Department of Transportation approved, communication system". What is that exactly? Were new radios finally purchased? If so, what make and model? How many? Was the last communications sytem not approved by NDOT?
Also, I would like to know who will be the Race Director this year? None was listed in the entry package. Will there be a Medivac Helicopter?
There are many members, like myself, that have stopped attending SSCC event due to safety concerns. If some changes have been made I think everyone would like to know. Or if this is just more smoke from the BOD we would like to know that too.
No response or a delete of this post will answer my questions.
"slightly modified" 1997 Porsche 993

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I e-mailed Steve and requested that he post a reply.
Seems kind of strange to me that the "President" wouldn't take the time to read the message board and keep up with what is on the members minds. I guess this all goes along with his not taking any input from anyone. That is why the SSCC is where it is today.


If I hear anything from Steve offline I will post it here ASAP.
Geez, Keith, you still hanging around the water cooler looking for a friend?

Methods of communication suggested by you for the members to use to properly and officially contact the BOD are not effective as has been demonstrated ad infinitum. My email remains unanswered. Are you responsible for this public relations nightmare?

I challenge any Member who has received an answer to privately submitted questions to step forward and witness. Non-members who do not have posting privileges email me direct. Who among us can say their question was answered privately by return email, letter, phone call, smoke signals, mental telepathy, or ANY form of communication? Wait a sec while I get out pencil and paper, I�ll want to make a list.

Keith, when the �official� lines of communication do not work, what would be your suggestion?

Past performance is a great predictor of future action. Does the BOD believe �it�ll all blow over�?

BTW, Steve, how�s the cash flow holding up? Are potential new members taking their business to safer, more responsible, more communicative venues? Just the smart ones, huh?

Keith, leave, quit, and move on are such obvious ways to open up entirely new avenues of communication.

When the next BOD opening happens (we won�t have to wait too long for this one) I expect you will receive your reward for blind loyalty. Payroll checks do that to some folks, huh?

I paid my money a few years back when life memberships were available. To date, I have not received my money�s worth. I plan on living forever and so far I am right on schedule.

So, Keith, we�re doomed to be buddies, huh? (paToooie) Ewwwwuuuueeee, that one had lumps.

I can't believe this organization is so large that the President or any board member would not respond on this web site. That would be the epitome of arrogance. If I understand this, the group was basically founded by friends looking for a race. My baseball league has twice the number of participants and the president for life (the only guy willing to do all the work) still talks to little old me and I'm just a manager. Wow, I hope as my companies grow that I won't ignore the peons, ummm, I mean employees, that helped me.
Kelly Gibbs never entered UNL in his life. Retired so to speak, is a true statement. Kelly was always happy as **** if, and when, his old Aston Martin covered 90 miles in a hour or so.
Jeff is a used car salesman specializing in BMW's. He races them as well. He was, on rare occassion, on a teleconference BOD meeting to vote on issues important to the chairman. Steve could always count on Jeff. Both of these folks are "good guys" who don't really get involved, even on the fringes, of running the SSCC events. Carl
Thank you for the clarification. In the interests of accuracy, Kelly and I both are retired unlimited drivers. We retired undefeated. Both of us. Never mind you actually have to race to beat somebody. We still retired undefeated.

* * * * * * * * * *
re: Absent BOD members.

Nothing unusual there, is there? I have owned several incorporated small companies. None were non-profit. I chose my board members simply on the convenience and availability of consenting name use, you know, mother-in-law, brother, partner in crime, running cronies, and a rehabilitated alcoholic. Each and every one should benefit from institutionalization and some form of drug therapy.

If it is now confession time, I never actually had board meetings, never had voting, never saw a face, never had any conflicts. If I wanted a raise in pay, bingo, consider that a done deal. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Of course, I never had the benefit of being scrutinized by 200 of my closest friends.


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