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After reading, and digesting, the latest group of postings, including a few from one of our esteemed "technical advisors", I've got to say that I'm really dissapointed in the way things have gone. However, I'm a big boy, and I fully understand that this organization [SSCC] is bigger than any one person.......certainly much bigger than me.....and their races will continue in whatever fashion the BOD wants them to. I also understand that this is not, and never was, intended to be a democracy. The first rule of participation was quite clear from the beginning; If you don't like it, you don't have to come. I chose to come, and for the most part, I liked it.
With that said, I want to thank SSCC for letting me play. I've met a lot of nice people over the years.
.....but this political bullshit and back-biting ain't my thing. It's obvious to me that my participation has, albeit unknowingly, become a disruptive force.
I hope everyone has a fun, and safe, race in september. With me not there, maybe there will be a little less contraversy. I'm out.
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Dogs dad said it all, "Quiting is not an option". I never saw you as a quiter. Like Tracy and I say, "you either like us or not. It really does not matter". Some people like our brand of humor, some do not, oh-well! Do we set out to piss people off, no-way. When we do, I feel bad. Do we try to have fun you bet!
Do people think you try to be disruptive just to be a pain, I do not think so. Do you have an opinion, yes, that is your right. Do we have to listen to it, no! That is our right. If I do not want to read about how you feel I can pass on all your postings and replys. I actually enjoy most of your stuff.If someone is bothered by what you say they can pass on the posting and move on.
I do think we need to give Gary and the crew a chance to catch their breath after the event and let them formulate a proper well thought out decision. When I fire off a quick reply to someone about a issue that upsets me I most often give a reply that I am sorry about later. Give them a chance. I do not care where I start,safety is my main concern. I have been the second and the fourth car off the start and the thought of being one of the first few cars off the line is a concern to me. Is the road clean,gates closed, workers off the track etc.. I would be scared to death to be the first guy off in unlimited. How about a fresh approach to this guys: Let us slow-pokes in 150 clean the road, then launch the Unlimiteds. Or go 180,170,160,150, Unlimited, 140 etc.. I can tell you that us 150 guys clean alot of dust rocks etc off the fast line on our trip down the road. After this last pass my car looked like I had run an off-road event instead of a road rally. Soooo...Todd get over it or I will kick your butt! besides, I have a few more decorations for your car!!!! Ha-Ha-Ha!

Tim Jones
#306 Mustang Cobra
FiveHead Racing
Man you cant bail out on us! To be honest you are 1/2 the reason I really started taking a serious interest in dong this race. I followed you for the last couple of years through different races. I even have quite a few meg's of your car making runs on my office computer. When I saw your F-body running in the unlimited class I told myself "why cant mine do it?". Next May there will be at least 4 NW fbodys running. Us "Camero" (yeah I know how its really spelled) guys got to stick together! I am hoping you will reconsider your desision and I will see you there next may.
Hey Todd
What's up with "I'm out"!!!! The way I see it is that everyone is trying to fix a problem that has been there for a long time. Like tim said, some people will not like what you say or how you say it but the hell with them. You know that people don't want to hear the truth they want everything candy coated so it makes everything seem ok. I would rather have someone be straight foward with me than blow smoke up my a##. Not to mention your the man to beat in unlimited and some people think that if your at the top your going to be an a##hole like that other guy that used to be there. So, here's my advice. Come out, have fun,and don't let all the politics bother you. I know it's easy for me to say but what the hell. Anyway what am I going to do with 1000 new buisness cards I just printed up. HA HA HA!!! Hope you change your mind and we hope to see ya at the Pony!!

Tracy Castro

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