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Like I told Irish Donegan I am 'just ahead of you' but in your case I gotta admit you were closer in Taipei...but not by much! Looking forward to seeing you again bro'. :cheers:

And Daaaale! (aka; Obi Wan Kanobe)
I thought you died! Give me a amen! :champagne:
Less then 4 months now until blast off....stay healthy...or at least breathing! I need to see you and some of the other Vegas Vettes at the Starting guys are great!

Did I just say that? Eeker
Originally posted by Dennis Antenucci:
[qb] XRay,
Good to hear you are still around.

Wotz the project....or is it airbase/area 51 thing? :vader:

I mean who else besides Uncle Sam can afford that much OT?! Big Grin [/qb]
Dawg, no its legit this time.......Project City Center for MGM/Mirage.

Hey MD, welcome back to So Cal! I don't know what the weather is like as I have been in the tropical (28F) state of Washington for the last week. I head home today, home for a couple of days and then off to Reston, VA for a company function. So most likely it will be week after next before we could do lunch.

Monday I'll be having the new suspension work done on the Z (lower/stiffer springs to go along with the stiffer sway bars). I did an ECU reflash last week - supposedly 9% HP/TQ update. :burnout:
naviguesser project hasn't gotten much love - way too many nights in hotel rooms this last year. I did have the power supply board component fab'd but I haven't even soldered that up yet. In short not much progress.

I did get the new springs for the Z installed yesterday - given the original ones managed just under tech speed through the narrows a year or so ago these should work even better :-)

Off to DC tomorrow, then 5 weeks of fun locations including one WAY up north :-)
For a minute I thought you were gonna tell us that was something they pulled out of your a** or chest because it sort of looked like one of those cow heart valves Razzer so real happy to hear it was just a P-car part!

Pimp yellow! Eeker
I actually like it....I am thinking about doing the rest of my Pantera in primer ala 'Hot Rod Lincoln' or 'Rat Rod Black' cause I don't have the money for a proper paint job right now but your idea works too. Big Grin Times are definately hard.....using the local high school shop was a smart idea on your part.
Dawg and all,

Well we are getting there. Engine is finally running consistantly and strong on E98 Ethanol (98% Syn Alcohol) made from wood chips, rice stover, sugar cane stalks or many other renewable organic sources. Downside is it uses about 40% more in volume than gasoline.

Another update has arrived, our ZF Blue Tag 6 Speed with kevlar triple plate clutch setup.

Now all we need is the time to swap out the tranny and clutch, install a larger fuel cell and fuel lines, pumps and filters and we should be good to go.

If someone can educate me how to post a pic! tried but screwed it up.

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