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Yo My Peeps,

142 Days until the wotz up racer's? :burnout:

My dated 5-point race harness needs to be re-certified or replaced...I've always replaced these things in years past but with no money to burn this year the former sounds better then the latter....Anyone have a source for that?

I have new special radar absorbing rat rod black paint on the Pantera that I got at Kragens. Should make the Pantera invisible.

Merry Christmas-Hanakah-Kwanza-Ramadan-Holidays Razzer :alcoholic: :champagne:

Mad Dawg Antenucci
Team Pantera Racing
"No One Gets Out Alive"

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Invisible would be good! That way your speed could be your pick. Only the average would matter and you make SUCH an entry at the finish or slightly before they would see you clearly there., or, all on line, are decent and I have spent what seems like millions at all of them. Shop and compare. (Spent about $25,00.00 at Jegs, $15,000.00 at Speedway and maybe 3,000.00 at Day over 30 years) Speedway's people are real decent folk, all family, all racers and Daddy and Mommy still look over their shoulder even after 56 years!!! Yup, they have been around a long, long time.

This has been the best year of my life. Hate to see it go for it almost has to be all down hill from here. Not just the ride although that was a crowning glory, it seems everything else has been sweet. I hope and pray all our racers escape the hurt out there, or at least are not totally smacked.

See you in May, (Unless you really are invisible) running what I am not sure. Refurbishing my house right now. If time permits the right changes maybe the Camaro again. It�s not cheap! Someone else could take it home but that ain�t likely under the economic present conditions.

Yo My Peeps,

Okay, I feel better that a few of you are alive and kicking....espially you really old fokkers like Ro, Jimmy Mack and Weeksie! Razzer

JOHN - for those who lost their shirts in the market...I've been told it ain't really a loss if you never had it in the first place....okay I don't believe or understand that either but I remember calling my broker who said, "geez you are the first person to call me to ask how much you lost"......Some of my best friends are bums!

Looking forward to seeing GEORGE again in the other 200 mph P-car at the NORC....My P-antera is prepared for 200 mph I just am not prepared to do anything but talk about it! Go George go! Eeker :cheers: :bowdown:

Speaking of bench racing good to hear Irish Donegan is coming back. If you remove that block of wood from under the throttle that Z will go a ****va lot faster! :moon: :vader:

My dear friend.....Why is it you always offer to pay for lunch or dinner when I am gone?! :argue: Roll Eyes I left the Sac airport project in November....dividing my time between some mining operations in Saudi Arabia and Australia. With the price of a barrel of oil dropping even the Saudi's have to diversify!

Gail (aka Diane) - I'll write you 'off line" Big Grin :eplus2:

Okay, where are the rest of you bums hiding out?

Come on out now....your with your buds.
If John can admit to losing his shirt in the market, Weeksie can brag about the best year of his life, Jimmy can finally admit he too is a bum then what can any of you admit to that we would not understand.

136 Days in a Wake Up!

Hey Mad Dog,

The Corvair is all ready to go for '09. Hope I have my oil pressure problems sorted out but I won't know until I get about 10 miles down the road at the first event. Unfortunately no 200 mph club in '09 but I'll be trying to run some 200 mph trap speeds at BB, NORC and the Silver State. See you there. I'll also be running the SORC but no 200 mph speeds there for me.

Hey Steve D.-

I use Kirks roll bar for my Z, as does Steve Mott, and it is a really nice fit. They advertise it as removable, but after drilling and bolting it in, as well as removing seats and cutting carpet, I feel it becomes a permanent piece of the car.
And it is for a coupe, so I'm not sure it would also work for a ragtop. You would have to call them.
The wife and I will be at SSCC in May as well. So hope to Z-yall there.
BTW- I am in San Diego for work until Feb.13th when I am scheduled to come home. Anybody near by want to get together for lunch on Sat. or Sun.?
I am there working on a really big boat with serious HP/torque. You know, the kind that launches air planes!
Hi Ken(with the big eyes)Lindsey,

You're really bring your wife to a RACE!!! Oh Well,
me and Mad Dawg did that one time and learned our
lesson. About lunch, normally me and Mad Dawg
would travel to "Gig Harbor, Wa." or San Diego forlunch
but with the hard times, we can not afford it. So, we have decided to let you buys us lunch
(including a few cocktails) in Ely for the Silver
State!!!! Arn't you lucky!!! Anyway Ken, it's good to hear from you and see you in May!!!

Jim Marz#81 AKA JimmyMack
Happy New Year to everyone.
I have been staying off the board because I thought Mad Dawg was still in the Sacramento area. Now that he is gone, won't stop by and my property value is safer, I'll post again. A person can't be to careful about these things.

The Beast (aka the other 928) is ready to compete again next year. Cheryl says I can drive at least some of the time. Spent a week or so over Thanksgiving attending to a couple of little things that needed fixing. The car is now back in storage waiting to stretch its legs in May.

See you all in Ely next year and I will pay off my Silver State beer bet with MD, BJ, Blue, Stan, Tom and JC. Oh the embarassment.
Donegan I am ALWAYS ahead of you! Razzer

Simon, Ken Charlie, Tim and Ro all coming back to the NORC. Where are the rest of you....TOO TALL, where are you? Sir Richard?

Some of you if you haven't already should get on your hotel reservations in Ely and Vegas....Hotel Nevada was full when I called 2 weeks ago and a couple others I spoke with were down to just a few rooms. Remember you can always cancel the rooms reservations....even with a lousy economy with no MKM ORR events the NORC should have a large turnout.

Good Times!
Hi MD and all,
The safer, cooler NSX is back in my garage, having gotten a full roll cage, a FuelSafe fuel cell, and a transaxle cooler recently. Right now I'm working on a new in-car computer that's causing me fits. Meanwhile, the folks at Driving Ambition cut a bigger hole in the intake box for the NSX, so the horsepower went up a bit - it's now at 440 on the dyno. The big news is that it passed California smog, thanks to a genius tuner (definitely not me) sitting in the passenger seat with a laptop connected to the new EMC during the test.

I guess I'll take MD's advice and start making reservations. As far as the stock market is concerned, my 401k is now a 201k, so my retirement plans all have the words "Super Lotto" featured prominently in them... sigh.
Hey Tom & My Peeps!

Hear you on the market. Eeker

But very outstanding news on the NSX refinements....congrat's!

I was glad to see you give credit to your engine tuner. That is not to say there not great engine builders too but seldom are there great engine builders who are also great at tuning a high performance modified engine. Don't ask me how I know! Razzer

125 days in a wake-up!
Too Tall,
I knew you weren't that far away! I used to live and work up there (Seattle, Everett & Mukilteo)....I sure as **** hope you negotiated some ORR time off. You get tired of that OT and the webbing growing between your toes and you'll look forward to seeing some of your old crew. Razzer

Ohhh man - another voice from the past....Old Timer's? Is that wot we are? Roll Eyes Eeker Carpenter started calling me "Old Dawg" last year...make sure we don't get Jimmy Mack on that Old Timer's Team unless his grandson is driving Big Grin
Good Times :cheers:

Is there any place on the planet you haven't worked?

Too Tall Paul -

What up? We can keep a secret.

Richard -

Aerodynamics? You're one of the few people brave enough and good enough to go even faster, but watch out for those blind curves (aka "Smoke
Gets In Your Eyes").

Tim -

How are we supposed to compete when you have Cheryl in either seat?

Dave -

Did you really use "Old Timers" and "class" in the same sentence?
Dawg,Paul,Golder,Weeksie,Tim,Steve,Charlie,George & Ro,

Happy New Year.

Major OT for us as well. Project is running 24hrs/7days with 7 rotating shifts. Be that way until opening in Dec. 09. Overall payroll is about $3.1M a week and still rising. Altogether there's about 12k people on site and its absolute chaos.

Don't know about May, don't know if I can get time off but maybe September?

Best Regards to all
Ray and Karen Hampton
Originally posted by Dennis Antenucci:
[qb] I'm more then half way around the world but will pick up lunch for everyone who shows up in Brisbane Australia before the night is out.

I just got back from vacation and saw this post. I could
have made it if I would have known... It's less then 11 hours
from Taipei to Brisbane by air. I missed out on a free lunch
with MD, d'amn!!! Oh well, maybe I'll see if I get the chance
again in May. Now back to work on the car.

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