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Stan was complaining about having only photos of
Porsches, so here's a series on a Pantera. You'll
notice that this is at the finishing area, which is
a good thing. Also, the muffler is missing on the
passenger side and the bumper is discolored on that

Step one find a stick.

Step two poke the engine.

Step three find a big rock.

Step four use rock and stick on engine.

After this didn't work, Matt and I helped them push start
the car (which worked). I haven't heard if they made
it back or if they found their muffler, but I hope they
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Originally posted by Jason Eaton:
[qb] Too Funny!

The problem is we needed a BIGGER rock! But push starting works too. We made it back to the RV and trailer in one piece thanks for your help. [/qb]
Glad you made it back. We were worried about you. We
saw Mad Dawg heading heading south on 318 so we figured
he'd help if you were on the side of the road (if he made
it that far Roll Eyes ). We looked for the muffler on the way
back, but I guess it was already picked up.
That is too funny!
Big Grin

Back in the day when Jason "The Kid" Eaton was still in diapers those of us who were crazy enough to buy and then want to race the Pantera found out quickly it was a 'challenge' due to the lack of factory (Ford or De Tomaso) support.

One of the early Pantera racers (probably Steve Waldman or Junior Wilson) made up a bumper sticker that said;

"The parts falling off this car are of the finest Italian workmanship"

I'm happy to say Jason and Nick have finished all 3 of their "challenges" and we'll both be back in September! Razzer

Good Times!

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