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I heard from Charlie that things went pretty well in the Silver State. Richard is still chasing the deuce? Maybe next time without a headwind? I read on the message board that Tim found out what a good driver Cheryl is - but that navigating is still hard for anyone Wink

So who else has a story for those of us suffering withdrawal symptoms?

I can't believe I miss you guys, but there it is.

Tom King
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I help in registration and other areas. I think a good time was had by all. Steve Kepler(Optima Battery) received 1st in 145 class with a media guest from Japan navagaiting. Shutaro Sugiura had a blast also in the shoot out. Japan will be back with their cars. Bjoen Flesland from Norway ran this race, miss out in May. Placed 1st in the 100 class. They will be back. So on the international side of things. They are happy campers.
The Racing Gods were with us! Wonderful weather, good friends and a safe race. What else could you ask for?
Missed you too! See you in May. Queen of 318
You slacker Tom!

I'll second Her Royal Highness. Razzer

Great event! thanks to her, Gail, Steve, Bunny, Blue, the Board, Vegas Vettes, the Tech Team and ALL the volunteers - job well done team. Big Grin

The Pantera ran great. First off and first to finish! :cheers: :moon:

I am seriously amazed at what it takes to win e a trophy these days. I ran a 150.31 average but Bill Bagshaw & John Fuchs (both candy asses) ran a 149.99 mph average in their 2008 Viper...yea, I know its not a real car! Roll Eyes :champagne:

No doubt about it in the 150 group it was Dave "Tex" Cudd who was running the '64 Hot Rod Lincoln that stole the show! He had the best BBQ too!

Okay slackers, you got all most 8 months to get ready.
Here are a few things you missed:

Donna Foust navigated for hubby, Dale, for the first time. Dale said Donna did such a good job that they tore up the divorce papers at the finish and took 2nd in the 140 class!

A New Zealander named Simon Lee, came by way of the UK, to be a course worker after reading about the SSCC in the internationally knownMaxPower magazine.

Susan Martinovich, Director of NDOT, was present and greeted all participants during the drivers meeting and also at the start line on Sunday. She seemed to be very impressed with the event operations.

Optima sponsors surprised everyone at the banquet when Jimi Day and Mike Kepler lost their bet with Steve Kepler and had to do 10 push-ups on stage!

Chacho Medina, organizer of the Chihuahua Express flew in from Mexico City to attend the banquet in order to present the International Series trophy to Steve Mott.

To keep the International flare going, a local (LV) Mariachi Band performed during the dinner hour of the banquet.

A new tradition was started for the collector's series t-shirts. All vehicles that entered the events this year were placed into the big trophy for a drawing. The winner was picked by one of the trophy girls and will be the car featured on next year's t-shirts which will be designed by world famous automotive artist Hector Cademartori. The winner for 2009 is the Volvo S70T5!

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