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Hi, Just a few weeks ago I was a rookie running in the 105 class. While I was a bit overwhelmed trying to pay attention to everything that was going on, I completely missed the Speed Trap portion. Today I received 2 certificates. One is the Average Speed Certificate (104.6295) but I also received a Trap Speed Certificate (102.31).  During the drivers meeting I heard that there were radar traps, but I thought that was to ensure we didn't exceed or tech speed. Now I'm thinking I don't have a clue. Would someone help me understand the goal with the speed trap please?  I knew I should have had a navigator!

No matter what, the whole weekend was a blast! I can't wait until May!!! I look forward to seeing all my new friends and meet many more.



Jessica, I told Max how awesome you are and that I love your car! He may come with in May!


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Chris, there are hidden radar traps to enforce tech speed and minimum speed.  There is one unhidden Speed Trap on the plateau, typically about halfway through the course, marked by signs as you approach - the purpose is to provide anyone interested with an official Speed Certificate showing how fast they went through there.  Just don't exceed your Tech Speed or go under your minimum speed there.  And watch your mirrors in case you're cruising through at your target speed and the person behind is cranking up for a big number on their Speed Certificate.  Hope this helps.

Good morning Tom, Yes, that helps. Thank you.

I do remember the signs and that is when I slowed down from about 115-120 because I thought I was supposed to be at my target speed. I ended up slowing down too much. Now I get it. Get close to your tech speed without going over. 

I know I was really busy watching the road, watching my speed, looking at my notes as I passed mile markers, checking the stop watches, doing the math, making balloon animals, (ok, I'm kidding about the balloon animals). But I'll have a better plan in May!

 See you then.

Thanks again Tom,




As a Rookie, I knew the objective of the measured speed trap was to get a speed cert at near tech speed.  What I didn't know was exactly where it was.  I'd also heard of talk about checkpoint 3 and checkpoint 6 and all kinds of other things.

So come race day I'm wondering where I'll find that measured speed trap.  I come across a huge number 3 sign on the right-hand side of the course, and I tell myself... "okay that must be checkpoint 3."


Yea..... next up I see a big number 2 sign and I'm asking myself "why would checkpoint 2 be after checkpoint 3?  Or is that an ambulance station?"

But there was nothing else there.


And the big number 1 sign comes into view while my pea-brain is still figuring it out.  I managed to top out at 118.9 for the radar, though I'd been traveling at about 120 most of the time.  First year...  I missed it too.

oh, and I was in the 105 class; finished fastest in class that year at 108 MPH.

Don't feel alone. 

Asa  Jay

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