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Hi Mike,

Buy an SA2000 rated helmet. Depending on what speed you run, you could get by with an older rating, but why chance it?

Also, if I were you, I'd download the rules book and make a checklist of safety and car needs for the class you're going to run. I haven't been doing this very long, but from my first event on, I've seen drivers experience undue frustration and stress over things that could have been avoided with 10 minutes worth of reading.

Lastly, if you're running in September and are driving a car of foreign manufacture, you're welcome to join Team Invaders! Big Grin

Hope to see you soon!

Blue Offutt
Life Member #261
'93 RX-7, R1
Captain, Team Invaders

Brian is dead on about the �bug�. However, being an Invader, I think the advice on the mustang may be questionable� Big Grin

Once the full effect of the bite has set in and you�re trembling and sweating from the fever for more speed, you may consider trading in for an E55 or SL55. After all, cool is a matter of perspective: You can be part of the herd (a gazillion mustangs) or somewhat unique (2, maybe 3 MBZ�s) Wink

In any case, I too wish you "Happy Racing"!

GPS? What for... I took 1st in 105 as a rookie with a .4 second error using only a single stopwatch. Got 4th in 110 last May with 3.5 second error and my wife drove. That was after being restarted mid-course following the red-flag event. I didn't even have a good hack at Flag station 3 so I had to estimate with hacks before and after.

IMO, you will work harder trying to be competitive in a tough class like 110 using a GPS, unless you have a custom program running a GPS based stopwatch for you. Most people overthink the problem.

Look forward to meeting you!

Doug Dodson
2003 Corvette Z06 #206
Pure Stock (G-Force SA2000 helmets)
Well I got Bitten by the bug and I havent even run yet. I'm not running the E320, I got a 2002 E55 and I'm ready to run. I've just take a highway survival course from Russell racing, ( high speed lane changes, skid control, high speed braking etc. Tomorrow I'm at sears pt for 8 hours of track time in my E55, High performace school, so Im getting as ready as can, any tips are welcomeThanks, Mike
Originally posted by Felton Offutt:
[qb]I think the advice on the mustang may be questionable� [/qb]
That could be argued.

[qb]You can be part of the herd (a gazillion mustangs) or somewhat unique (2, maybe 3 MBZ�s)[/qb]
There was once a day when the Mustangs were unique (back in 95 & 96). I changed all that. :cheers:

Somebody had to bring numbers to compete with all the expensive tupperware (errr...I mean Vettes) out there. :ar:

Whatever you bring Mike you'll be sure to have fun!
- Russ
You've been having fun, havn't you? I learn something every time I run that course and by no means am I a skilled professional. Take all you learn with that car, the schools you attend and run the hell out of it until you shake from excitement. Just use your head for every mile of it.
My first SSCC I was at the start line and I wasn't going to do a burnout because I feared some sort of catastrophic failure later on due to a silly burnout. My legs were shaking so badly that I could NOT hold them still. I stalled the car on the start line when I got the green because of all the shaking so I did the instinctive thing- started the car and shot pieces of the roadway at the car behind me with the most vicious burnout I have done it that car. I had to run either floored or all the way off the throttle to keep the car from jumping because my right leg was so jittery. After about 5 or 6 miles, I told myself "just drive your car and relax". The ONLY thing that matters other than a great time or speed, is keep your car on the pavement. I have driven that road probably hundreds of times because I grew up in Ely and now live in Las Vegas. I make the trip all the time to see family. I have run these events 3 times and still consider myself a rookie compared to the people I see there yearly. My biggest help was from the people on this board. They have helped me set up my car, get better times, and given advice on every other thing you could imagine. I talk trash with the best of them but I mean it in good fun. I hope you enjoy the event and I hope you get as shaky as I did because it is a feeling I will never forget. You speak of "the bug" sir. When you feel the things I have described (fear, excitement, confusion, embarrasment, pride, accomplishment, and victory) THEN you tell us about the "bug". I'm looking forward to your story after the event. Best of luck and have a great time!
Hi Mike,

If you don't want to spend too much on a helmet, there are hundreds of helmets on eBay - some new and some used. I got a great deal on a barely used Bell open face helmet (SA2000) for under $100 (my hot weather auto-x helmet).

I agree though, to go to someplace to try on some to see what fits you best first.

There are plenty of other places on the web too. I recommend the Bell Store at Good prices and fast service. I have bought two helmets from them.

But I agree with Blue, buy a SA2000 helmet. If you get bit by the "bug," and you move into any of the faster classes, you will need one of those anyway.

Good luck!

(By the way, Blue, got the Invader patches today - awesome! Thanks!)
Hey Blue,

I'm looking forward to September too, and to meeting Tim and seeing his heavily modified car. I know that he has done a lot of the mods that I still want to do, so maybe he has some advice about what pitfalls I can avoid.

We plan to run 125mph this time, but I want to tech Grand Sport (since I installed that roll bar). If Helen doesn't mind 125 we'll make some more mods and jump up to 130mph or 135mph in the spring.

Thanks again. See you next month!

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