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Hey MD, what heat exchanger are you talking about? I have so many on the NSX now that I can't keep track. Let's see, I have the normal radiator, I have the intercooler for the supercharger, I have the oil cooler, I have the transaxle cooler, and I have the A/C radiators. Do any of these need routine cleaning? I think Charlie may be a good source of information - he certainly helped me with the transaxle and oil situation.
Dennis the only way to clean a 'plate' type cooler is to take it to a rad shop and hope they will clean it in an ultrasonic cleaning system.To flush it out with solvent or water will not work because the particles can and do get wedged in the crevous[sp] were the plates are sandwiched together.But many rad shops if they have that system want the cooler oil free.Only other way is to replace it.the tube type can be flushed and reused.Moonshine
That was exactly what I was afraid of but thanks for confirming what I suspected. There is a NEW oil-to-water heat exchanger out there that is more user friendly that you can more easily R&R but I have yet to find the source. Its like the old police in line coolers but it is supposed to be allot larger.

Off to Hot August Nights in Reno....have a great weekend guys.

Try C & R radiators, they have one (which I use) that sounds like the one you're asking about. C & R is in North Carolina with the good 'ol boys. As long as you haven't damaged your engine you should be able to clean it via sonic or reverse flushing with solvent (in the oil part). If you remove it, make sure you pressure check it with air for leaks before you re-install it.

Tom C. #37
Hey Irish!

Great! Well we're talking about something smaller then a bread box (aka Fluidyne Heat Exchanger) but just looking for capability to R&R the unit and clean it without having to do the sonic test with others.

PS Where are we on the top secret naviguesser project progress? Razzer

Let me know off line when you are going to be back on the left coast again. Starting a new project in LA Sept 1st.

Best regards,
Well, the job has had me traveling pretty much non-stop. Hit my 80th night in a Marriott hotel this year last week (and Marriotts are not the only hotel I stay at). Also hit 45k miles on US Air this year :-) I am home today, off to NC Sunday - after that I don't know where they will send me but at least one Army related gig is on the horizon.

The electronic naviguesser project hasn't gotten much love lately. I'll have to try and focus some energy on it - between the job travel and the home remodeling projects things have been a bit busy :-)

I do plan on being home for a week of vacation the first week in September - perhaps we can hook up then?

So did you follow your engine builder's advise and buy the $100 Summit (Earl's) heat
exchangers? Big Grin

I still haven't seen or heard of anything new out there that is large enough or reliable enough that can be disassembled and 'get-the-job-done' and to be honest with you I have been happy with Fluidyne's units...only needed to replace one of the Fluidyne units in 10 years.

Right now unless I hear otherwise about something new out there I don't know about I'll probably just R&R the one I have and sonic clean it as Tom and Stan suggested earlier.

Thanks George for feedback.
I have lived by my engine builders advice for the past 10 years. This included racing Grand American Mods. 30 weekends a year for 5 years until Tucson Raceway Park was closeda a few years ago. I have never had a bad cooler from Earl's. However I did see a fancy oil cooler cause a very expensive historic IMSA prototype to burn to the ground when th o-ring split.

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