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Ray Alexander told me via email today that Dinah had passed away.  Sad news indeed.  He also described his own health issue in somewhat optimistic terms, so we hope to see him at SSCC in September.  He can't post himself, maybe because membership has to be current, but I'm sure he would love to hear from any and all of you via this Message Board or via other means.

Tom King
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Thanks for the well wishes.  My entry  has been sent in for September.

BTW the Old Farts kicked me out because of the Barbecue.  I am still friends with the ones that were friendly.  I am not at all sad about being booted because the Vegas Vettes picked mu up and they are a great group.  Plus without the help of the Vegas Vettes Silver State would have difficulty getting off the dime.


Glad to hear we will see you in September! Our entries went in yesterday. Robin and I were at the banquet when that idiot from Old Farts did that. He did not speak for the entire contingent from Tucson or many from SoCal. Robin and I have never missed the barbecue but we have missed seeing you there! I started building a new scooter...I'll show you pics at the BBQ in September.

Hello Ray,  Wally and I are very saddened by the news of your loss.  We are praying your Memories bring you much comfort.

We are happy to hear your health is getting  better.  We are not going to be able to attend in Sept.    We missed you in May at the two way which was fun and we had a great race.  Hope to see you next May.

Sending much love your way


Wally  and Hot Lips

1st place 120mph May 2018 1st two way

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