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Good to finally be back in Ely and at the Nevada Open Road Challenge.

We had an eventful event (as usual…) and a pretty exiting race.

Was myself a little rusty after almost being absent for almost 3 years, Covid restrictions you know…

Got a third place in our class and are happy with that.

Timing wise we could probably have done a little better though.

It was the second time for me doing the two leg NORC. First time in May 2019 I was driving without a navigator. It really adds to the overall excitement, it’s a longer drive (aren’t we all here to drive?) and you may even have a chance to perhaps rectify your mistakes from the southbound leg.

At Thursday morning tech one helmet was unfortunately out of Snell SA date. I had mistakenly picked and brought to Ely an older helmet instead of a newer one we have. If it can happen, it happens…

So what to do next? Put the word out that we needed a helmet! ASAP!

Within hours John Tiemann via Terry Rees kindly offered a helmet with the correct date.

A few hours later Chad Hazelton also offered us a helmet, via course worker and good friend Steve Webb.

We decided to go with Chad’s helmet as it was slightly of bigger size than John’s and had already comms installed for our radio system.

So on Saturday morning we were able to finally pass tech with Chad’s loaner helmet.

We would like to thank all of you that assisted in obtaining a helmet, and those offering a helmet.

At the car parade gathering one kind woman also offered us their helmet. Thank you.

We would also like to thank all you fine guys at tech, LVCA, all course workers and everyone else involved in organizing this great event.

A fine group of people indeed. It was great seeing old friends again.

Finally we would like to thank Tom King.

Cheers Bjoern & Inger 😃🏁

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It was a pleasure to meet you and Inger.  I enjoyed our conversations at the event. I am glad you were able to get the helmet situation taken car of so you guys could race.  I look forward to September and hopefully spending time with you both again.  Safe travels, my friend.

Richard Starr

Trash Panda Dodge Challenger #499

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