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EBE19301-4BD5-43F5-A746-9122975981F6I’ve had a bad string of events happen this year. Last month while running a half mile event here in Indiana my Clutch gave out unexpectedly. I’m still waiting on my new Triple Disc setup and the Trans is being refreshened as we speak.

Its been painful for me as I really look forward to the event every year. I’ve made so many good friends in such a short time. I really appreciate Bunny’s help in transferring my registration to next years event in Sept.

So to all my fellow racers- Rich and Tess Starr, George and Shelli Qualley, Ted May, Wild Keith from SLC and all of you- Good Luck and be safe!

I kept thinking to myself last night, I would have been outside of Denver right now…It’s a long trip but always worth the time and effort  because you all welcomed me into this event from my first trip.

A humble teary thank you-

If it has wheels, wings or red's gotten me in trouble more times than i can remember.


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  • EBE19301-4BD5-43F5-A746-9122975981F6
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Keith. 😊 Good to hear from you! Sometimes that happens- getting the motivation up for a long trip and doing all that surrounds the event.
I’m going to skip the NORC but I will be back for the 2023 SSCC, as a matter of fact I think I’ll have a Navigator finally! A good friend of mine has a son that turns 18 the beginning of that week. He LOVES Cars and I don’t think he’s ever been out of the state of Illinois in his life. Call it my “Rent-A-Son”…🤨 I never had any children but I’ve owned some awesome cars. Cars I wish I hadn’t sold 30-40 years ago. Where has the time gone?

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