getting ready for Sept.

OK just sent my sign in for the event hope to see all of you soon now what are the rest of you guys doing. As Mad Dog would say. "Wheres the rest of my peeps" 

1I the crazy course worker   Broadcasting from Glow in the Dark Nevada at the foothills of Yucca Mtn

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Sorry to say I'm going to miss the fun this time.  Bill just called and said he's going to the hospital and can't make the trip.  Without his help, it'd be near impossible to get to the race, tune the car for altitude, run the race, and get the car and trailer to Las Vegas.  It's very disappointing, to say the least, but I hope Bill is going to be ok.

Owen, sorry I won't be able to get you the camcorder and tripod.  It was all packed up and ready to go (along with the car and all the rest of the equipment).


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