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Hey, Owen, thanks for getting us started.  Glad to hear you'll be at your usual spot - we'll give you a friendly beep.  Meme and I plan to run the NSX in the 125 class, and Jim Keysor will be running our support vehicle.  The Acura had its engine rebuilt into a strong new 3.2 liter with cylinder liners after the rapid unintended disassembly that occurred in Mexico last year.  Hope it all hangs together and that we see you in May.

Who else is getting ready?  Rumor has it that Blue may show up in a luxury vehicle of some kind...

Lanny and I did some work at LN 41 (just prior to checkpoint 6) and at the finish line:

IMG_3586 LN 41.  The original steel post with signage has been knocked down for many months.  This one is important because it is just prior to Checkpoint 6



Added a finish line marker at the actual finish line.  As you run the race it will be on the left side at the same distance from the road as the current mile markers.  Will install and add a 18" X 18" checkered flag prior to the race.



Images (3)
  • IMG_3586: LN 41
  • IMG_3587: Striped PVC pipe
  • IMG_3589: Looking east along the finish line

Ok Tom great that Silkrip is back I was about to have you bring me the parts and i would have figured a way to rebuild that engine while making the engine better and worse. The worse would have been that somehow i would stuff a few more ponies in it.  Ken , Lanny thanks  for the marker setup now just leave me a line where the old ( original ) Ln 14 posts were at my hill . it is marked in the original holes from the original yard sticks. now just need to find maybe a 74 to 76 Pontiac Can Am or 74- 75 Chevelle Laguna S3 to run   O

Owen, thanks for the offer.  It took a long time, but the engine builder was able to bore out the block, insert cylinder sleeves, and make a stronger 3.2 liter engine out of the original 3.0 liter engine.  You'd think the power would go up, but in fact it's down a few percentage points because the pressure from the supercharger is slightly lower because of the larger displacement.  Maybe that's a good thing.  Or maybe I'll come to you in search of those extra ponies, who knows?

Ken and Lanny, on the wonderful markers you've added, my cousin Jerry Kerwin, who spent his career as a highway engineer for NY state, was originally worried that "only the state is allowed to add deadly obstacles to the state's right-of-way." However, he notes that you cleverly put the markers in sleeves, so if the markers are put up for the event and then removed right after, NDOT could use the "not enough time to react" defense.  Jerry notes that most mailboxes are exceptions to this rule, but he did see a case where a property owner had to remove a masonry pillar mailbox.  I guess every profession has its quirks.  Not implying that Jerry is one of those quirks - he's actually a really good guy who's won an open road racing championship but is too smart to ride with me anymore. 

Tom got to thinking about the lower boost numbers you have. I am thinking that  your supercharger is belt driven so if you reduce the pulley on the blower by 2 to 3 mm it should bring the boost back up due to the fact that the larger displacement is more than it was originally designed for so if it gets speed up just a little it will compensate for the difference     O  

I have done a refurb on the Vette.  Brakes, belts, hoses, motor mounts, plug wires and spark plugs.  I added 72 hp with a cam and long tube headers, deleted the cats, but don't tell anyone.

Also new tires, the car turns better than it ever has.  The tires are Continental Extreme Contact DWS.  These are Y rated not (Y) so not good for Z06.

I have lived in CA since 1964 and finally I have a car that runs the way I want it.  The tree huggers can kiss my Corvette.

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