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As most of you know, I do not normally post to this board, and when I do it is strictly to pass along information from Registration. In fact, I very seldom even read what is posted here. This forum is for you, the participants. Last evening I was faxed a string of messages from another forum. The posts were from three previous participants that choose NOT to participate in our events. As I recall, this is still a Free Country and each of us can and are allowed to make our own choices.

Mark Twain once said "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt".
Well, all doubt has been removed for these gentlemen, and I use the term "gentlemen" very loosely.

The report of my "quitting SSCC" is an exaggeration and totally FALSE. I have just given up one of the many duties I am responsible for as a member of the BOD. After 8 years of handling registration I found that additional responsibilities at work prevented my being able to devote the necessary time to do the type of job I expect from myself. Because of this I have passed the responsibility of the day to day operation of registration on. This just involves the day to day requirements of the job.

I am still an active member of the board, I will be at registration assisting my successor, and I will continue to handle all the other assignments I have previously handled.

I am a firm beliver that no one, myself included, is irreplaceable. If you think you are irreplaceable than you put way to much importance in yourself, and set yourself up for disappointment. I believe my successor will do as good a job, if not better than I did. Change is good. It does however remove one from their comfort zone. With change comes improvement.

This past event there were over 100 entries submitted, however, with the terrible events of Katrina, many registered participants had to withdraw. Some were not able to come due to family and others made the choice to assist in the relief efforts. I applaude each that made a non selfish choice. They were missed but assured me they will return for future events.

When I completed the grid ( with a few mistakes) there were 97 cars ( this is accurate). Unfortunately one car had an accident during the Shootout and they were not able to repair the vehicle in order to run on Sunday. However, 96 vehicles were at Lanes for pregrid. As is usual, we had our DNS and DNF participants, but we had a clean event without an accident. Each driver deserves a pat on the back for a safe event on a new road surface. Well, at least part of the course was on new blacktop.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions regarding what is my "quitting" or the numbers associated with our past event at

In conclusion, as Mark Twain also said, "When in doubt, tell the truth". Of course, first you have to know the truth.
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