I am having difficulties getting the NORC portion of the 2020 entry form to fill out online.   Starting with the Participation & Fee Form I cannot click on NORC 2020 section hence I'm not able to fill it out .  Any suggestions?   

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Hi Jess,  There's a notice on the website saying, "Racers will be able to register for the May 2020 race starting Feb 1, 2020 at 8am Pacific time."  Hope this helps.  You're not usually early (or late, for that matter) 

Tom,   I also noticed that.  My problem is that I cannot fill out the form on line now and have it ready to hit the send button on the specified date.  

Are you currently able to fill out the NORC form ?   Or is everyone going to be madly filling out the form at 8am on Feb 1st

Hi Jess,

I tried but could not fill out the NORC form, so you're not alone.  And now, thanks to your prescient post, I cannot get the image out of my mind of racers "madly filling out the form at 8 a.m. on Feb 1st."  I always suspected this of being a mad sport, and you've now reinforced that opinion.  By the way, good luck on the National Championship this year - hope you're still in that mad pursuit - you're definitely a class act in that competition!

Tom, I think you and I have a slight advantage as we grew up typing with  9 digits (I do not use my left thumb) therefore we should be faster than all those who are the two finger hunt and peck style.  I also share your frightful images of what could be a melt down of many OR racers unable to maintain a minimum of 80 words per minute!  Excuse me, I  must end this missive and brush up on my typing skills.  Jess

 Jess, you're nothing if not competitive!  OK, so why not download the forms, fill them out (repeatedly) for typing practice, and then on February 1st at 8 a.m. PST use the filled-out forms as a template to fast-finger the info into the suddenly-live forms online?  I'm putting my money on yours being the first entry!

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Tom, all kidding aside.  The main NORC 2020 entry form is not currently set up to fill out and even thought I did follow your suggestion and down load it I still cannot fill it out on line (please see if you have any different results, if so let me know}.  We are also supposed to submit a payment with said entry and that is not an option at this moment, or is it possible to select the size of the T-shirt.  This is just too much stress to deal with before a race.... excuse me while I go open a bottle of wine.......  Jess

PS I texted Bunny and explained the technical difficulties.  


Ahh, Jess, such persistence in the face of adversity!  You can download the .pdf version of the SSCC entry form (not NORC) and the medical form.  Then you can save the forms to your computer, and then you can practice filling them out.  What good does that do you?  None, except you become more practiced for that mad rush at 8 a.m. this Saturday.  Good luck!

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