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Good Morning Everyone...just thought I would share with you that it is SNOWING in Ely at the least there was a reason for the wind. Thanks to all for the great event....without each of you it would have been a very uneventful weekend. Have a safe and fun summer in whatever you do and I look forward to seeing you in September for SPEED WEEK.
Bunny @ Registration
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Glad we missed the snow in Nevada, but we did get snow on I-80 between the state line and below 4000 feet, Monday afternoon. The 4000 feet marker was crusted with blowing snow. Fortunately we made it thru before chain control.
There was thunder and lightning and hail and rain in Rio Linda on Monday for a total of .99 inches.

Jan O'Brien #246
97 Mercedes E420 - 2nd Place 110 MPH
We stayed in Ely until Tuesday morning. Scraped 4.56 inches of snow off the top of our car, had breakfast, then headed for Reno and two nights in the Silver Legacy. Dry road most of the way to Reno and all the way home from Reno Thursday afternoon.
Al Lumas
Car #262 '93 Camaro Z28
Too close behind DB Tanner when he crossed the finish line.

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