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I want to thank the course workers for being so nice and for helping to make our event happen.
I REALLY want to give a BIG HUGE THANKS to the workers from Bakersfield who suppiled Barbara and I with much needed water and food for our roadside party. At least eight other workers stopped to offer water after the road opened. What a GREAT group of people!
Barbara and I had the happy occasion of a tread separation of the left rear tire at 175 in a right hand corner. Up to that point we were on a 177MPH average and had hit a top speed of 188MPH. To say it was not fun is an understatement, the first hunk of tire that flew past the drivers window was quite disturbing, after that all hell broke loose. The carcus maintained pressure (whew!)and I drove it out. It took about a mile and a half to bring it to a safe stop.To her credit Barbara was quite calm. Once the car was stopped she was out in a heartbeat and once we accounted for each other she was wearing her smile. The car suffered a bit, the lowwer rocker moulding is trash and the inner fender is a bit bent and I need a new pair of undies and some time for my boys to grow back. This was to be my last run for the 200MPH but I feel like I failed the quest and the empty feeling is bothering me. So I am going to eat lots of raw Oysters this Winter to see if the Boys will grow back, check with my wife to see if she is OK with another run and I will be back in May. I hope you all have a GREAT Winter!
SRT8 Magnum
#306 Mustang Cobra
FiveHead Racing
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Tim & Barbara, so happy you are safe. We can always replace the race gear, but not the two of you. There will be a next time for the 200mph.
Bunny and I waited for you with a glass of wine. When we heard you were to the side and OK we toasted and she drank the wine. Next time!
Glad you still have that great since of humor with you. You will be BACK! Oysters & Margarita's :burnout:
Definetely a nice save.We talked to Barbie,and she said you are the man bro,and that you were more concerned with her safety then your own.
What a guy!!
I am proud that I can say I know people like you.

I give you guys a lot of crap,but it is all meant in fun,but I do enjoy b sing with you guys a lot
Good Job with the car,but I would love to see that 4.6 liter rip a 200mph radar,till then I will have to vicariously,hope and live with you my friend.
Don't give up as you are da Ford guy

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