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Would some one contract Steve Geen and tell him that I may not not be able to make it.

This morning, I have had a terrible crissis in the office today, and then then this afternoon had a death in the family. Things are very bad.

I will do what I can, but things are extremely difficult right now.

I am sorry I will not be able to meet each of you - I was really looking forward to it, and wish God's blessing for safety while each of you are driving.

I am sorry, Kent
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If anyone reads this and has contact with Steve Green - 67 Chevelle, would you tell him I am going to try and come down this evening.

I believe I will be leaving Sacramento sometime around dark heading for Las Vegas, think I will arrive in the morning.

If not, the rig will be broken down along the way.....murphys law or something Smiler .

Hope to see all soon.......


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