Change Up For Owen.

Had a phone call this weekend, Owen is changing course positions this year so get ready for a new but familiar face in pregrid sending you down to the start. It is with some regret that I will not be watching over all of you on my flag stand after spending so many years and races there. but I was asked to assist with this new endeavor and willingly accepted.     

1I the crazy course worker   Broadcasting from Glow in the Dark Nevada at the foothills of Yucca Mtn

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Owen, it'll be nice to have you at Lane's on Sunday AM helping us with pre-grid. We racers appreciate your longstanding dedication and enthusiasm for SSCC. We all couldn't race if it wasn't for you, and all of the dedicated course workers, who tirelessly assist in keeping a watchful eye on all of us.

Looking forward to seeing you once again in Ely for the NORC, my friend!


So you saw the "Angle of Death" scenes with the British actress.  I purchased  a new copy with those scenes.

Delaney and Bonnie and Friends convinced Eric Clapton that he could sing?

When I first got my Dodge Charger, 2006 SRT8 I took it to Cisco, UT.  It was very late at night.  I left the car idling in the middle of the highway with the lights on, I stood fully lighted and told it under no circumstances do you ever run into a piece of road construction equipment.  So far, so good and the car is plus 240,000 miles and runs a 10.9 second quarter at 132 mph.  In Bakersfield where da is usually less than 1,200'. 

I know a lot about that movie , but didn't know Ely was part of it.

The big dry lake looks like Panamint, but could be a smaller one outside of Austin, CO.

While riding my Norton Nomad Scrambler on Panamint, I was doing about 80 mph and there was a narrow depression ahead.  Decided to jump it, small trickle of water, but the other side was typical sticky lake bed mud.  Went for 80 to zero in two bike lengths.  My nose touched the front wheel, it sunk deeper than the axle and remained perfectly upright.  Very difficult extraction for two men.  Nothing yo use as a lever for miles.

I wonder if that contributed to the wrist and shoulder pain I have today?




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