Calling Stan Martin

Stan, my questions are related to running the event in a Lightning as you have in the past. My target speed is 110 MPH.

1. Were you able to maintain 110 MPH through the narrows?

2. Did you try to maintain 110 MPH throughout the 90 miles or start off at a higher speed (115?) for a period of time?

3. Any advice would be appreciated.



Those are more of a question for the general particapants also. 

But what my nav and myself would do is 'bank' time for the narrows normally about 30-45 sec. GS class. In the touring or GT class you don't have to bank as much. Reason being that is where you can legally go below your min speed [within reason ie. not 30 mph] and get close to your target time. When we exited the narrows we were 'dialing' in so speed variances were small, maybe 3 mph.

As for how fast I could go thru the narrows the most i saw or my nav told me was 122. Not hard to do made for a fun 2 minutes. But no real need to, on that occasion we were fighting a real bad head wind 30-40mph so time was behind. Some will remember that event because a few ran out of fuel and coasted thru finish line. 

As for how to get to speed i pretty much just ran about 5-10 over till at the average speed we settled on the night before to the narrows. My nav and myself had a rule i could do what I wanted to some degree till the being of the narrows[sign] then I HAD to listen to him.


Tom King has a super good write up on what it takes to enjoy the SSCC and I will see if he will post it up so all can see.

Enjoy the event and talk to the veterans they will tell stories and can be a good source of info on what to look for and do.  Stan

The information on orraid is where I went before my first race.  I downloaded the Nomograph and have used it every year since.

I will confess my first year was a -blast-! ...  because I didn't stick to the plan, and if you bank too much time in the rookie classes (as I did), there is no way to scrub it all off before the finish line -without- DQ.  I drove the last several miles about 5 MPH above minimum and still overshot target by 8 MPH.

Next year, I stuck to the Nomograph and my plan.  I got within 5 seconds (good enough for a last place).  The next time, by the grace of God, I nailed it and got a first place.

The key in my mind, is to ENTER the Narrows at a specific target time/average speed, then traverse the Narrows at a designated "safe" speed for the class I'm running.  Upon EXIT, I should be ON my target average and only have to make very minor adjustments to the finish, which is tough driving a Pantera and having an itchy foot. 

Everything BEFORE the Narrows is just "play space" as long as you don't break high or low tech speed.  Or are working on one of the other challenges.

Anyway, the Nomograph helps you figure out exactly how much speed you will lose in the Narrows at specific speeds.  Plus it's just plain -cool- and ONLY available on orrraid.

There is a lot of great stuff on orraid, highly recommended and is Team Pantera Racing approved.

Asa  Jay

PS.  First year I did Narrows at 100.  Next time at 110.  This was in a Pantera, and I'm not a real race driver (I only play one on TV), and 110 felt uncomfortable to me.  In the right truck, all set up properly for cornering, I imagine you'd feel fine at 110.  But please don't take my word for it.  There are a lot more people smarter than me who hang out here.

Welcome again George,


By the picture you can tell what I drive, Bob and I switch back and forth. Driver and nav. This is the only car I have driven at SSCC and BBORR. I did my 110 class at SSCC ran around 115 to 120 for about 25 mile which put me even with my average. I did trap over 120 and by the time I got to the narrows was around 20 seconds fast. It was my first time driving so I went though the narrows 95 to 105. When Bob did his 125 class at SSCC at the start he drove at 130 and at 30 miles in we were even at 125 mph. Last sept. I did 180 class and was 30 fast entering the narrows. I ran around 105 to 120 but I did see 98 at one time, we were even when we left the narrows.  Short story bank a little before the narrows 20 second would be good have fun and drive safe though the narrows. There is very little gain and a lot to loose. Look me up at SSCC I will help all I can.

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