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Yeah, Gary, they have in the past.  I only suggested the roll bar for two reasons:

1. I couldn't find just a harness bar for the C8 - I bet there will be one soon, but it's early days;

2. I'm not a big fan of being held rigid in a seat during a rollover accident without a roll bar.

Best of luck!  Maybe check with Bill Varnum to see what he's doing with his (Jane's) C8.

Typically, Shark and BKAuto make the best harness bars for Corvettes (I have a Shark in my C7 GS), but they do take awhile to ramp up production after a new revision comes out.  When I owned my 2014 C7, it took just about a year for the bars to become available.

Meanwhile, the bar Tom mentioned looks to be a quality product with no welding and certainly will add a needed extra layer of protection.  2.5 times SOUNDS like a good number until you consider impact "G" forces in a rollover can easiily overcome that figure, especially with multiple impacts.  Remember, you are out in the wild MILES from a trauma center, not on a track, and the speeds are MUCH faster than running laps at Buttonwillow.  Having survived an Unlimited crash, I am firmly in Tom's corner when it comes to safety.  In the words of the famous "Stroker McGurk":  "If a lot is good, more is better, and too much is just right!"

Price-wise, that bar is consistent with what you would get from other manufacturers such as Autopower, and you would probably spend $1000 or so on a harness bar anyway.  Get the roll bar; plus, it looks pretty cool.

Thank you for the information.  I have some decisions to make.  

I had the local speed shop fabricate and install a roll-bar for my Camaro.  Always felt it was a bit over the top for running the Grand Sport class.   Fortunately I never had to test its abilities.  

Peitz Performance Tunes in Houston offers a bolt-in harness bar for $649 which can be installed fairly easily in the C8.   (So they say.)

My main concern with any install is how intrusive it becomes.  Someday I will need to return the vehicle to stock condition as most buyers question a roll-bar in the back seat.  (The roll-bar is coming out of my Camaro next week.)

If my local fabricator can build a roll-bar to meet specs and get it in the vehicle by the May race,  that may solve my problem.

Sorry, no disrespect, but I had to a bit at your roll bar comment.  In an ORR, if you go off road at 130+ (Grand Sport lowest class), you WILL roll over -- the only questions are how many times, and will you survive it?  (Seven have not, and some of them were in full caged cars.)  Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

While I'm on my soapbox, and this is for all racers in Grand Sport:  If you aren't using a helmet restraint, START.  They aren't mandatory in GS for this event, but they will save your life.  My favorite is the NecksGen, light, moderately priced, and easy to wear.  Works with 3" shoulder belts, too.

Gary, remember that if you choose to install a harness bar and want to return the car to stock later, you will need to purchase replacement panels (the originals will have to be hole-cut to pass the harness bar through).  If you price those out (my guess is $300-400 for both), you might come out about the same as if you had installed a proper roll bar.

In an ORR, if you go off road at 130+ (Grand Sport lowest class), you WILL roll over --

Unless your Charlie Friend:


186 MPH flat spin into the desert.  Thankfully Charlie was okay.  And in classic Charlie fashion (pun intended?) he was out there in his shorts as the tow rig pulled it up.

Asa  Jay

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Asa Jay,

Not in 2004, he didn't.  He went nose to tail about three times and was lucky he had the cage and full safety equipment for the day.  I have the video of his crash, captured by the photographer set up to record that idiot Inada, who crashed the previous year after losing a tire and rolling multiple times due to his own incompetence as a driver.

The point is -- if you go off road at speed in an ORR, EXPECT to roll over and prepare accordingly.

Gary,  You wrote: "I know that a roll-bar is required for speeds above 130 mph but the A-pillars on a C8 will support 2.5 times the weight of the car.  I wonder if tech would allow just a harness up to 150 mph ??"

So a question.

You state that the new Vette (C8) will support 2 1/2 times the vehicle weight on the "A" pillars.  I can't seem to find that info anywhere. 

I did find this,  As of November 2020.  As seen with the NHTSA, the IIHS did not rate the 2021 Corvette C8 stingray. It should be noted that the 2020 model hasn’t been rated as well. These organizations tend to not rate most sports cars due to the costs associated with crashing such high-value vehicles.

With the typical NHTSA "Star Rating" 2 1/2 stars, would mean that a weight, 2 1/2 times the weight of the Corvette, was pushed down (hydraulically) on the "A" pillar before "yield", "bending" or "collapse".

We love the Vette's couldn't have this race without  them.  Just want everyone safe!

My Commentary, 2 1/2 Star Vs. 4 Star Rating

FYI my "coupe" is not a Corvette, it weights 4460lbs.  It has a 4 star rollover rating,  and yet I'm required, by SSCC, SORC, BORR etc.  to have a  roll bar to participate in Grand Sport.  I won't ask why, because I want the safety  of a Roll Bar!

Better to be "Safe than Sorry" right?  Roll bars all around!

See you all at "Tech"

Clay Hansen

This is the link to GM Authority for the 2020 Corvette.

I will probably never race my Corvette (05/21 NCM delivery) faster than 125 mph.  I put a roll bar in my 2014 Camaro but I am hesitant to put one in the Corvette.  A harness bar is by far less difficult to install.  I was just saying that the Corvette A-pillars were designed to withstand 2.25 times the weight of the car, thus superseding the need for a complex, weight-adding roll bar.

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